Why Choose Snap On Smile Veneers | Fab Smile Veneers

Getting veneers usually means seeing a specialist cosmetic dentist to have small pieces of porcelain permanently attached to your teeth in order to obtain a beautiful smile. However, snap-on veneers have risen as an alternative that grants many of the benefits but without having to go through a permanent process.

What are Snap On Smile Veneers?

snap on smileSnap on veneers fit over your teeth in a similar way to that of a mouth-guard or retainer. They grant the same perfect smile but can also be taken off at any time. They are made by highly skilled technicians who use a mould of your teeth to creating a perfectly fitting set.

What are the Benefits?

First and foremost, a snap on smile is much cheaper than  permanent veneers. They also work to cover-over common problems like gaps between teeth, missing teeth or staining. They cannot disguise more serious problems like badly crooked or misshapen teeth. They are made to fit over your teeth as they are and so work to cover issues rather than change or remove them.

Snap on smile veneers may be a good choice for people who want to improve their smile but are unable or unwilling to have invasive treatment. Snap-on veneers can be worn for several years if they are properly looked after.

They allow you to eat while wearing them although it will feel strange at first. With a little practice, it becomes easier and after practice for most people it will feel like normal when eating. However, care must be taken when cleaning your veneers after eating with them in to ensure that absolutely no food is left trapped. If you are planning on eating with them regularly e.g for eating out when you need to look your best, we would recommend our Elite veneers as they are harder wearing and performing better for eating purposes. Even so, it is best to avoid certain sticky or hard foods. Eating with them is a personal issue at the end of the day, many of our customers are perfectly happy eating with them, but some customers prefer not to.

Be Careful

Snap on veneers do wonders for your look but they should not be confused with instant veneers. Instant universal-fit veneers are placed over your teeth in the same way but they are not custom made. This results in something that looks like joke-teeth making your smile look worse instead of improving it. We do not sell this type of product.