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85 Hamilton St
M46 0TG

We are the large building on the corner of the roundabout junction of Hamilton Street and Crab Tree Lane.

Fab Smile Veneers

Premier House, 85 Hamilton Street

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Parking: There is ample free parking within a minute’s walk from our office: on Hamilton Street near the school and on the streets behind the school. Crab Tree Lane has 2 hours free on-street parking and just off Crab Tree Lane there is a large Tesco supermarket car park which allows up to 3 hours free parking.

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Why Choose Fab Smile Clip-on-Veneers

Here are some reasons why you should choose our clip-on veneers over your other options for getting that perfect smile:
An effective way to cover up gaps, missing stained and uneven teeth and / or achive a a whiter, brighter smile.
Made With Care.
All our veneers are made in-house by our own skilled technician, custom made to fit your teeth. Beware other companies who sub-contact manufacture, often to foreign laboratories in the Far East. When you visit us you will be able to see for yourself the outstanding quality of our veneers and meet some of our friendly staff. We are dedicated to bringing to you the best quality clip-on veneers possible.
Are you considering alternatives such as bleaching?
With our clip-on veneers, there are no harmful chemicals to worry about. Did you know many of the DIY bleaching kits sold online contain illegal and potentially dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide? It’s illegal for anybody other than a dentist to use peroxide-based teeth cleaning products with a concentration of peroxide greater than 0.1% – but please be aware many products sold online use much higher levels of peroxide than this. Also, the results of bleaching are never permanent, so you will have the expense and trouble of re-bleaching your teeth at regular intervals.

Bleaching cannot help with the appearance of crooked, missing or out-of-line teeth whereas our veneers will enhance your overall smile. A great smile is not always just about having whiter teeth!

With our veneers, YOU chose the shade YOU want.

Permanent Ceramic Veneers?

Some people regard this as the best if most expensive solution but there any many downsides. Fitting ceramic veneers involves permanently damaging the enamel and structure of your teeth and is likely to involve multiple time-consuming visits to the dentist and possibly quite painful treatment. And the cost of permanent ceramic veneers is likely to run into thousands of pounds.

Also if you don’t like the finished look, perhaps the shade isn’t quite right for you, dentist-fitted ceramic veneers are permanent, so there is no going back!

With clip-on veneers you natural teeth are left as they are, so if one day you feel like you want a change, perhaps a different shade of veneer or some other alteration in how your teeth look, it’s a simple and quick process to order a new set of clip-on veneers; and best of all it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Nevertheless permanent veneers can be a good solution for those able to afford the procedure and some of our customers do plan on having permanent veneers but turn to our product first as an interim solution whilst the save-up for the treatment and or to try our different shades first.