If you are searching for temporary veneers to restore your smile, you might be wondering whether they will offer you a natural-looking smile. There are lots of different types of temporary veneers that will seem natural. However, will the veneers seem wrong on you or will people notice that you have ‘crafted teeth’? Well, read on to find out more!

How do Temporary Veneers Feel Like?

teeth veneers ukIdeally, if you are looking for the best clip in veneers in the UK, it’s worth noting they don’t have any gaps between the teeth- this is the same as permanent veneers fitted by your dentist. However one advantage of the clip-in variety is that with permanent veneers, vigorous flossing can risk popping-off (detaching) the veneer from the main body of the teeth. Inter-dental cleaning (cleaning between the teeth) is however very important in helping to keep gum disease, decay and bad breath at bay so should not be skimped upon. However because permanent veneers are usually held on by only a very thin layer of adhesive they  can quite easily become detached. Clip-in veneers don’t have this risk as you remove the veneers fully before cleaning your teeth and cleaning the inter-dental spacing between them.

To be honest for the first few days of wearing veneers, they can feel thicker than you are used to, this can even happen with permanent veneers. You may notice this most when talking or chewing,  but normally within a few days your mouth adapts to the temporary veneers.

One thing that is much less of an issue with clip-in veneers is that for permanent veneers, because they normally involve removing some of the natural enamel, this can make the person’s teeth feel sensitive to air, hotness, coldness etc. This is something that does not effect wearers of clip-in veneers as they go straight over the existing teeth without any procedures to remove natural enamel.

With both kinds of veneers its generally advisable to steer clear of crunchy, chewy and hard foods because they may damage the veneer. Also you may wish to to stay away from food that incorporates colour / additives as they could stain your teeth albeit clip-in veneers can be removed for more rigorous cleaning using special cleaning products that we sell on our website.

Why Choose Us for Your Temporary Veneers

If you want the best clip-in veneers in the UK, please look no further than Fab Smile Veneers. Our veneers are top-rated, pain-free, dentist-free* and affordable. Besides, they are useful for concealing missing, out of line, or discoloured teeth. We are unequalled when it comes to enhancing perfect smiles for our clients.


*Customers should still make regular appointments with their dentist for treatment / check-ups and follow good dental hygiene practice at all times- clip-in veneers are not meant as an alternative to this.