A Quick Guide for those Concerned.

What is Hypodontia?

Hypodontia is a condition characterised by the failure of certain teeth to develop in the mouth. It can affect both the primary teeth of childhood, and the permanent teeth of adulthood. Hypodontia arises partly as a result of genetic factors, and partly from the influence of external factors such as infection or trauma. Hypodontia should not be confused with the loss or damage of teeth that have developed: rather — it is instead a condition in which certain teeth fail to develop in the first place.

HypodontiaDifferent Types of Hypodontia

Hypodontia occurs in a number of different forms. Some varieties are more serious than others: in the milder cases only one tooth is absent, while severe hypodontia — also known as oligodontia — is defined as being characterised by the lack of at least six teeth. The complete lack of teeth is termed anodontia. Hypodontia tends to affect certain teeth more than others: among sufferers of the condition it is the wisdom teeth, the second premolars and the upper lateral incisors are the most likely teeth to fail to develop.

Effects of Hypodontia

Hypodontia can have a number of detrimental effects on the sufferer. One is the basic matter of appearance: people with Hypodontia tend to feel unhappy with their looks, and so suffer adverse emotional effects. There are also practical issues that can arise from Hypodontia, particularly difficulty in chewing. Furthermore, if left untreated, the teeth may move into the gap left by the Hypodontia, which can lead to gum damage, difficulty speaking and other such issues. As Hypodontia manifests during youth, it is prone to cause both emotional and physical discomfort to children, and so it is advised for parents to have the problem diagnosed and dealt with by a professional dentist as quickly as possible.

Treatments for Hypodontia

If yur dentist advises that dental treatment is not possible, an option might be to use clip-in veneers to help mask the problem.  Clip-on teeth veneers from UK suppliers, Fab Smile Veneers offers an inexpensive approach to clip-on veneers which are both pain-free and can be applied without a trip to the dentist. These veneers are not permanent, and can be removed just as easily as they can be clipped on in the first place. Fab Smile Veneers offers some of the best veneers the UK has to offer, and will ensure that you feel confident and satisfied that the effects of Hypodontia will be hidden behind a perfect smile.