What Can Custom Veneers Hide | Fab Smile Veneers

Having a beautiful smile couldn’t be more important. Not only will it make you look good and feel good about yourself, but it’ll also give others a positive impression the moment they meet you.

custom veneersTeeth are incredibly noticeable and that means that even the smallest flaw could have an impact on the way that others view you. many of us want to look younger, more successful or more attractive, custom veneers can help hide a multitude of problems and help restore a beautiful appearance.

Gaps Between Your Teeth

For some people having a gap between your teeth isn’t an especially desirable look. Gaps could make some people think your teeth are poorly cared for, and the little openings could allow food particles and bacteria to enter and get stuck. This increases your chance of developing gum disease and cavities. Custom veneers can close the gaps, making your teeth appear even and better aligned.

Hiding Stains

Some stains cannot be removed even with a professional tooth whitening treatment. If discoloration has occurred in the tooth’s deeper layers due to medications, medical issues or tooth diseases, whitening treatments cannot help. Custom veneers can hide those unattractive deep stains, helping your smile to look healthy and appealing.

Crooked, Chipped Or Uneven Teeth

Although veneers can’t substitute orthodontic treatment, they can help to make crooked teeth look straighter and more even. Veneers can also hide misshapen teeth which are badly worn, pointed or too small. Teeth may be resilient, but they can still be damaged. You might be surprised by just how simple it is to crack or chip your teeth. If you fall and hit your mouth, bite into something hard or get struck by a hard object like a ball, you could end up with chips and cracks in your teeth. It is important very important to see your dentist about getting treatment for any cracks, chips or fractures of your teeth, but If your dentist has advised you against restoration Snap on veneers could provide a cosmetic solution by covering chips and cracks so your teeth look beautifully healthy and whole again.

Snap On Veneers Resolve Your Problems

If any of these issues affect your smile, you could benefit from high-quality custom-made snap-on veneers. These are a temporary, clip-on solution that are made to fit your unique dental structure, crafted by skilled technicians to the mould that you provide. Unlike permanent veneers which require a consultation with a dentist followed by treatment, Fab Smile snap-on veneers don’t even need you to visit a dentist (although you should continue regular check ups with your dentist and follow your dentists advice about your dental treatment needs. You can improve your smile from the comfort of your own home with no pain and at a price that you can afford.