Order Attractive Veneers Online at Fab Smile Veneers

Spare your embarrassment, glam up your smile and order Fab Smile Veneers online. We design and custom-make our clip-on veneers right here in the UK to your specifications so that you and your teeth will always look the part when you need to.

Order veneers online and smile with confidence

Ordering clip-on veneers is a terrific way to spare yourself a trip to the dentist for cosmetic. If you have stained or crooked teeth, or have gaps in your teeth, you can clip on our veneers and spare yourself any embarrassment or inconvenience these issues may be causing you. We offer an Ideal range and an Elite range so that whether you’re going out for a casual evening with friends or are attending a big occasion and needing to look on point, you’ll be able to smile with the utmost confidence.

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Quality veneers available to order online

We have a team of experienced technicians who use high-grade materials and the latest technology to produce quality veneers in line with your specifications. Often, we make our veneers thicker than our competitors do and we hand finish them to provide you with an elegant, durable product that weathers the impact of life on your teeth easier.

A variety of veneer shades

One of the best things about our clip-on veneers is that you can choose the shade that suits you best depending on your aims and how they match other features such as your skin tone or the current shade of your teeth. B-shades are brighter than A-shades, although A-shades tend to suit people who are looking for their teeth to appear brighter but who also wish them to stay reasonably close to their natural shade. The lower the number, the brighter the shade.

Affordable veneers easy to order online

Ordering your veneers from us is straightforward and affordable. The application process takes seconds and the approval rate is high. We offer interest-free credit and a range of payment options to make our veneers affordable and the payments manageable.

Not only this, but when you order one of our veneers, we offer you a discount on a spare set, making this a superb opportunity to try a different shade, or to simply buy some back-up veneers for less. Make the most and order veneers online from us to get smiling confidently without the dreaded trip to the dentist’s chair.