Clip-on veneers are a possible alternative to old-fashioned, more permanent veneers. And the good thing about these cheaper veneers is that you can wear them at your leisure. Truth be told, many people dream of having a perfect set of pearl white teeth. While permanent veneers and teeth whitening tend to be expensive and tiresome, the clip-on veneers are here to offer an alternative that is cheap and pain-free, compared to the costly dentistry option.

cheap veneersClip-On Veneers – What Are They?

As mentioned above, the clip-on veneers are cheap veneers which have proven to be a good alternative for the traditional veneers. What makes them an alternative option is the fact that they are cheaper than your ordinary veneers and don’t require any kind of dental treatment. Permanent veneers involve filing down your teeth so that the dentist can attach them.

While there are a few websites offering this particular service in the UK, Fab Smile Veneers is quickly proving to be an industry leader. When it comes to cost, a number of factors will need to be considered, including whether you are interested in getting a top set or a full set.

This clip-on veneer is ideal for individuals looking for brighter smiles when taking pictures. They are also ideal for people who have discoloured, missing, or out of line teeth that they would prefer to cover up as opposed to letting the entire world see the condition of their teeth.

How Long Does a Clip-On Veneer Last for?

If worried about the length of time you will have your perfect smile for, you should relax, as these veneers are set to last a reasonable length of time, often a few years and in any case they are warranted for 6 months. However, you will need to care for them properly for them to continue servicing you.

When properly cared for, most of our customers easily get a minimum of twelve months from your set of clip-on veneers. With proper maintenance and care, they are likely to serve you for many more years.

Is It Possible to Eat with This Veneers?

It’s not advisable to eat with the clip-on veneers especially our cheaper Ideal version. If you choose to, your bite may feel strange or unnatural during the first few days.

With time, you will become accustomed to the sensation of having the veneers on, and you may even be able to eat certain foods with ease. But be warned that eating will likely impact their longevity, especially our cheaper Ideal version.

What to Know Before Getting New Veneers

Dental imperfections dont just effect the aesthetics of your smile, they can affect one’s self-confidence too. Luckily, our range of new veneers can be used to cover over certain dental imperfections, at an affordable price. These are clip on veneers which are naturally looking and for sime people may be an affordable or temporary alternative to more invasive dental surgery for treatment. However of course prospective customers should always seek dental advice and treatment from a qualified dental professional, cosmetic clip-on veneers are not an alternative to regular dental check-ups.

Clip-on veneers may help to conceal imperfections with a tooth’s colour, size, length, or shape as well as helping to improve the appearance of your smile. New snap on veneers can be used to hide teeth that are chipped or broken, worn down, discoloured, modestly misaligned, or gapped. They cannot however treat any of these issues, for treatment – please see a qualified dentist.

Here are a few important things you should know before getting teeth veneers:

Your New Smile Can often Be Made Exactly How You Want It

One of the reasons why veneers are quite popular is because they can be custom-made to a patient’s liking. This allows them to change or minimise whatever they don’t like about the appearance of their teeth. To achieve the perfect smile, your current teeth are taken into consideration when our skilled technicians create your veneers.

Thinking Twice About Getting Veneers?

Getting permanent dental veneers isn’t a decision you should take lightly. It’s a big commitment and is one of the more costly cosmetic dental procedures. The great thing about veneers is that they can correct quite a few issues with your teeth, including gaps, broken teeth, and stained teeth. If you’re still trying to decide, temporary clip-in veneers are an easy way to help see if the permanent version might be the right choice for your smile. Here’s what you should know.

What are clip-in  Veneers?

temporary veneersVeneers are used to cover your existing teeth and improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile if you have problems like missing and broken teeth, discoloured, yellowing or stained teeth, and other imperfections. Each veneer is created specifically for your teeth, so they are customised, based on the needs of your smile. With traditional veneers, your teeth are reshaped and filed in preparation. With temporary veneers, there is no dental procedure required and they simply snap on over your existing teeth, instantly changing the look and feel of your smile.

Concerns with Veneers

You’re right to pay attention to potential concerns that go along with having permanent veneers. You can’t make an informed decision if you don’t know everything about them. With traditional veneers, there’s always the risk of damage to your existing teeth, as well as the ongoing maintenance / replacement required. Permanent veneers can’t be whitened and don’t always look natural. At the same time, they are expensive so there’s a definite investment involved. On the other hand, temporary clip-in veneers can achieve the look you want, without the potential risks that go along with going the usual route.

Will I Regret Getting Veneers?

Now that you know a little bit more about both permanent and clip-in veneers, you can decide if either of them are right for you and your smile. For most people, improving smile issues with veneers is well worth the time and expense involved. In fact, many people report that their only regret is that they waited so long to get started. Being happy with your smile can sometimes even help to build confidence, self-esteem and your entire life. While there are certainly some things to consider, for many people there are no regrets after getting veneers.

If you’re still undecided about getting permanent veneers, the temporary option of clip-in veneers could be a great way to give them a test drive and see if you like the look and feel. They’re also more affordable and so easy to wear. You won’t be sorry!

Choose Fab Smile Veneers to Get Fantastic Results

It’s important to get a mould prepared so that your new clip in veneers can be prepared by an experienced technician. Before making a decision, visit our gallery section to see examples of before and after photos of our previous works to ensure you are happy with the teeth veneers and like their style. Here at Fab Smile Veneers, we have a team of experienced technicians and use the latest technology to deliver affordable, dentist-free, and pain-free dental clip-on cosmetic veneers that will hopefully help to restore your perfect smile!

They’ll Require Regular Maintenance

It is important to look after your new clip in veneers, taking care when putting them in or taking them out. Try and keep them in a safe place and avoid dropping them or damaging them. Looking after your natural teeth with good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with your dentist, will also helps so that the new clip in veneers stay well-fitting and therefore longer-lasting

Benefits of Choosing Fab Smile Veneers

Fab Smile Veneers was founded with a goal to provide quality and affordable clip-on veneers to members of the public who need them. Some of the benefits of our veneers include:

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