“Fitted Perfectly”
My new Elite+ veneers have been amazing. I decided to get these for a whiter colour and to straighten my front teeth. From the moment of having my impressions done, it has been extremely easy and quick. I had my clip-on veneers within 3 days and they fitted perfectly.
They are easy to put in and remove but are so secure whilst in. The comments I have received have been remarkable, everyone loves them. I find myself constantly looking in the mirror. Thank you so much.
“Love My New Veneers”
I just love my new veneers. They really are a life changer. I realise many people will never understand how simply clipping on a set of veneers can have such a dramatic effect, but I’m sure there are some who will fully understand how my confidence has been boosted dramatically by them. I’ve never had nice teeth. For as long as I can remember I’ve been ashamed and embarrassed by them. Always covering my mouth up when I smile and always being self-conscious. Since I got my clip-on veneers that feeling has gradually disappeared. I can laugh and smile easily, knowing that only lovely teeth are on show. I did wonder what comments I would get, but to be honest, people have said very little and when I have mentioned them to close friends and family they said that they hadn’t really taken must notice and that they weren’t that obvious. Which is a really good thing as I didn’t want to stand out at the woman with overly perfect teeth. Can I wear them all day? Yes, I can and I do. I eat in them too. OK, that took some practice and yes, there are some foods to avoid – sweets, anything too hard or crusty – but generally I can eat most things now. It’s like wearing a brace I think, you just gradually get used to them. Would I recommend these clip-on veneers to anyone else? Oh, you bet I would. They really are the very best thing I have done for myself in years. It’s taken me to get to 58 years old before doing this and I’m going to make the very most of my new found confidence. Thank you so very much for my new lease of life.

K from Greater Manchester