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What To Expect When Wearing Veneers

The process of transforming your smile to the one that you have always admired using clip-in veneers can leave you filled with both anxiety and excitement. You never know exactly what to expect! Many suppliers do not tell you what you will be feeling or going through in the three weeks or so when your veneers are being prepared. Knowing every process and what it entails is important for you since it prepares you physically and psychologically. teeth veneers ukBelow are some of the things you should expect as you prepare for a temporary veneer.

Preparing Veneers

Ensuring your clip-in veneer is prepared and moulded by a professional team is the most important step. At Fab Smile Veneers, we use 3D physical and virtual models to obtain accurate results when creating your temporary veneers. Our specialised team of technicians uses a mould to create a perfect model of the smile you admire. Each tooth is designed to achieve the improvement desired. Afterwards, we test the finished product on a model of your teeth to ensure the best possible fit, so we pride ourselves on making the best clip-in veneers in the UK.

Testing Your New Veneers

The testing stage allows you to determine if the clip-in veneers are giving you the perfect smile you are after. By wearing them, you can feel where they bite together, see how good they look, and judge how well they are shaped. This stage allows you to ask for any adjustments if you feel dissatisfied by any aspect of the veneer. We will always do our best to accommodate your wishes within the bounds of what is possible technically.

Living With Your New Veneers

Wearing new veneers means you may need to adjust to waering them. You may experience some issues whilst speaking or eating for a few days as the mouth and the tongue adjust to the veneers.

It’s recommendable to avoid crunchy, sticky, chewy, or hard foods to protect your veneers. Lastly, avoid foods containing strong colour additives since they may stain your sparkling white smiling teeth. If your veneers do break then please get in touch with us.

Clip-in Veneers – A Stepping Stone to Permanent Veneers

Fab Smile Veneers, a leading teeth veneers UK supplier, understands that whilst most customers are happy with clip-on veneers as a final solution, some clients see them as a stepping stone before getting permanent veneers from a dentist.