A lot of people are concerned about how their teeth appear especially when they smile. Over 92% of people have the belief that a smile can make or break a social interaction. This is why the use of teeth veneers UK is quite popular in this era. Oral hygiene and consumer’s awareness have been the leading cause of the rising demand for white and healthy teeth.

Statistics on Teeth Whitening

In 2016, teeth whitening kinds of toothpaste carried 86.3% of the market share. This was according to research done by Hexa Research in 2017. The same study showed that the segment of white strips carried a USD 899.8 million value in 2016. What will surprise you in these statistics is that people are willing to do almost anything to get their teeth whitened. Aboteeth veneers UKut 45% of single adults had undertaken an illegal whitening procedure in the UK by 2017.

Trends in the Teeth Whitening Industry in Uk

With the numbers in the dentistry cosmetic industry expected to rise by 8% by 2021 from the 2.2 billion Euros it is currently valued at, a lot of key industry players are doing everything they see fit to increase their market share. Most of these companies have opted to focus on R&D to improve on their product portfolio. Colgate-Palmolive acquired an Indian teeth whitening company, Ciba Geigy, in April 2017 so as to penetrate the local market.

Most Popular Procedures

Out of all the dentistry cosmetic procedures, the most popular one is teeth whitening. Some people prefer doing the procedures at home, others through surgery and some opt to visit a specialist’s clinic. 69% of the people who went through the procedures were satisfied while 25% were not happy about the outcome. Over 66% of adults on Brits have undergone a restorative procedure particularly, teeth filling. Although many people are afraid of how they will feel during the process, Fab Smile Veneers promises to give you pain-free and dentist-free dental veneers which are used for discoloured, chipped, missing or crooked teeth. Services are also of very high quality and quite affordable.

As much as the dentistry cosmetic industry has been in the market for a while, new technology has made an advancement in the procedures done to bring out good and healthy results. An example is teeth veneers UK. Companies that have made it in the industry include Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Henkel, Johnson & Johnson, and GlaxoSmithKline. Consult your dentist before you decide on which procedure is the best for you. The market has a lot and better products to offer, and with the statistics above, they will only get better.