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Teeth Veneers UK

Get quality teeth veneers in the UK from Fab Smile Veneers.

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How Do Fab Smile Teeth Veneers Work?

Teeth veneers are the latest invention that has replaced dental cosmetic surgery. Fab Smile Veneers are clipped on and do not require a lot of time or energy to place them. The veneers can transform your smile especially during events that require you to pose for photos. So when should you use Fab Smile teeth veneers?

  1. If your teeth are stained and you are not comfortable smiling at people.
  2. If your teeth are crooked or chipped.
  3. If you have missing teeth.

We pride ourselves as the best manufacturers of teeth veneers in the UK. Here is why:

  • Our production and laboratory tests are all done in the UK. Therefore, our technicians are keen on ensuring that they give our clients quality products.
  • We use quality materials to manufacture the veneers. We customise the veneers to your specifications putting in mind your maximum comfort.
  • We have the best technicians who are experienced in the manufacture as well as the testing of all our products.
  • We offer credit on our affordable veneers which is interest-free. Our prices are also reasonable to ensure our clients can afford the products without depleting their savings.

Our Teeth Veneers

  1. Elite Veneers

For our elite veneers, we use the best quality of products to ensure that they have a smooth finishing. They are perfect for use at any time because they are handmade by our technicians using the highest level of sophistication and detail. The elite products will give you a perfect fit depending on the shape and size of your teeth.

  1. Regular Veneers

Our other teeth veneers are also of good quality and manufactured according to your specification.

How Bright are the Veneers?

Our BL1 shade is the brightest of all our veneers. We also have a BL4 shade which is darker than the BL1 but still brighter than our A series of veneers. Most of our clients prefer the A1 shade because it looks more natural than other shades. A2 shade is also preferred by clients who want to have an impression of brightened teeth. The A3 shade is the best for people who want to seem as natural as possible. With the A3 shade, it is nearly impossible to draw attention to your teeth. For individuals with yellow teeth, the A3.5 shade is the best especially when you only want veneers for specific teeth and you want them to match with your other teeth.

At Fab Smile Veneers, we are the best manufacturers of teeth veneers in the UK because; we offer quality veneers that meet the specification of our clients. It is also important to note that our elite veneers are produced using the best materials and sophistication to ensure they give a perfect fit for our clients. Try our pain-free dental fixes for guaranteed comfort and smile.

Fab Smile Veneers was started by an experienced dentist with over 30 years of experience. Veneers are tested and proven to be safe. Our offices are at Premier House in Atherton, UK. To enquire about our range of veneers available please call us on 03333 206662 or email us at enquiries@fabsmileveneers.co.uk.

Sample Testimonials:

“Fitted Perfectly”

My new Elite+ veneers have been amazing. I decided to get these for a whiter colour and to straighten my front teeth. From the moment of having my impressions done, it has been extremely easy and quick. I had my clip-on veneers within 3 days and they fitted perfectly.
They are easy to put in and remove but are so secure whilst in. The comments I have received have been remarkable, everyone loves them. I find myself constantly looking in the mirror. Thank you so much.


I can’t praise this product enough, I was looking for something to help and make a difference for my big day and decided to give these a try, WHAT A DIFFERENCE, AMAZING!! The photos looked amazing.

Sarah Taylor