The UK’s Fastest Express Veneer Service

Was it a Plane? Was it a Bird? No it was your gleaming new veneers brought to you by our very own lightening-fast, mild mannered… Super-Express Veneer Hero. Need your new veneers fast, like yesterday? May be you have an important Wedding or event to attend,...

Teeth Whitening Product Statistics

A lot of people are concerned about how their teeth appear especially when they smile. Over 92% of people have the belief that a smile can make or break a social interaction. This is why the use of teeth veneers UK is quite popular in this era. Oral hygiene and...

Why Use Ideal Veneers

If you have ever wanted to get ideal veneers, you need to understand how they really work. Veneers are a thin wafer of porcelain that is bonded to teeth to make shape, colour, or position of teeth in the mouth. Veneers are fast to install. A typical procedure for... is a trading name of OralTec Ltd registered in England, company number 11313164. Registered office address: 32-36 Chorley New Rd, Bolton, BL1 4AP. VAT registration number GB299559619.