Eating With Removable Veneers

At Fab Smile Veneers we specialise in clip-on veneers. Some people choose our removable veneers even over permanent veneers. They are more affordable, pain-free and you don’t need a consultation with a dentist. However for dental advice about appropriate treatments,...

Why Choose Our Press On Veneers

Not many things can replace a beautiful smile. You can have the best clothes and jewellery, but all that can be cancelled out by crooked or unattractive teeth. To boost your sense of well being, you could consider using our press on veneers. Recently, a new type of...

What to Know Before Getting New Veneers

Dental imperfections dont just effect the aesthetics of your smile, they can affect one’s self-confidence too. Luckily, our range of new veneers can be used to cover over certain dental imperfections, at an affordable price. These are clip on veneers which are... is a trading name of OralTec Ltd registered in England, company number 11313164. Registered office address:

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