Snap On Veneers - A Better Solution | Fab Smile Veneers

Why We Recommend Snap On Veneers

Snap on veneers are an affordable and easy alternative solution to permanent veneers. Most people are familiar with traditional dental veneers, a surgery treatment which requires cosmetic surgery procedures. But you might not be aware that prmanent veneers are invasive, and may be costly.

Typically, the procedure of having dental veneers fitted may  involve dental injections, removing enamel and having the veneers bonded to the original tooth. At a cost of several hundreds of pounds per tooth, this option is simply unaffordable for many people. In this case, snap on veneers may be a cosmetic option worth exploring whilst saving up for permanent dental treatment.

Snap On Veneers: More Affordable Veneers

If traditional dental veneers are out of your price range, could snap on veneers be a more affordable option? Absolutely!

The modern snap on veneers are moulded to fit your teeth and in our opinion our Elite veneers do not appear artificial. They are easy to fit in your mouth. There are many options available at varying price ranges, depending on whether you want your top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, to have snap on veneers. This works out considerably cheaper than the cost of traditional dental veneers and it is well worth considering snap on veneers. Overall, snap on options are very affordable veneers!

What Are The Benefits?

It is considerably less costly to choose snap on veneers instead of traditional dental veneers. Snap on veneers are not designed for permanent use so you can always put them in and take them out when needed. You might choose to wear them when socialising , or whilst at work, or only for special occasions. They can be taken out for eating and drinking.

I’m interested in Snap On Veneers! What’s the process?

If you are interested in snap on veneers, it’s a good idea to speak to us if you have any queries about the product. If you would like to order then browse through our snap on veneers at Fab Smile Veneers and choose a product that meets your needs. You will be sent a mould to take an impression of your teeth, which you will then send back to have the snap on veneers made.

If you think snap on veneers could be the right choice for you, then begin exploring your options today!