Snap On Smile | Easy Pain Free True Smile Veneers
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Snap On Smile

Getting veneers usually means seeing a specialist cosmetic dentist to have small pieces of porcelain permanently attached to your teeth in order to obtain a beautiful smile. However, snap-on veneers have risen as an alternative that grants many of the benefits but without having to go through a permanent process.

What are Snap On Smile Veneers?

snap on smileSnap on veneers fit over your existing natural teeth in a similar way to that of a mouth-guard or retainer. They grant the same perfect looking smile but can also be taken off at any time. They are made by highly skilled technicians who use a mould of your natural teeth to creating a perfectly fitting set.

Any individual would like to have a beautiful smile that warms hearts. However, there are certain aspects of our smiles that we may find aesthetically dissatisfying. Often people leading busy lives, do not get round to do anything about their blemished teeth not least because the costs of comprehensive smile makeover procedures can sometimes be very high.

However, there are cost-effective options to improve your smile. When looking to enhance your smile, you may want to consider snap on smile veneers. These snap-on veneers are designed to hide stains, chips and other blemishes on your natural teeth, making your smile beautiful.

You should not mistake these snap-on veneers with dentures as they fit over your existing teeth, also and they are not restorative, like bridges or crowns.

Why We Recommend Snap On Veneers

First and foremost, snap on smiles are much cheaper than permanent veneers. They also work to cover-over common problems like gaps between teeth, missing teeth or staining. They cannot disguise more serious problems like badly crooked or misshapen teeth. They are made to fit over your teeth as they are and so work to cover issues rather than change or remove them.

Snap on smile veneers may be a good choice for people who want to improve their smile but are unable or unwilling to have invasive treatment. Snap-on veneers can be worn for several years if they are properly looked after.

They allow you to eat while wearing them although it will feel strange at first.

With a little practice, it snap on smilebecomes easier and after practice for most people it will feel like normal when eating. However, care must be taken when cleaning your veneers after eating with them in to ensure that absolutely no food is left trapped. If you are planning on eating with them regularly e.g for eating out when you need to look your best, we would recommend our Elite veneers as they are harder wearing and performing better for eating purposes.

Even so, it is best to avoid certain sticky or hard foods. Eating with them is a personal issue at the end of the day, many of our customers are perfectly happy eating with them, but some customers prefer not to.

Snap on veneers are an affordable and easy alternative solution to permanent veneers. Most people are familiar with traditional dental veneers, a surgery treatment which requires cosmetic surgery procedures. But you might not be aware that permanent veneers are invasive and may be costly.

Typically, the procedure of having dental veneers fitted may involve dental injections, removing enamel and having the veneers bonded to the original tooth structure. At a cost of several hundreds of pounds per tooth, this option is simply unaffordable for many people. In this case, snap on veneers may be a cosmetic option worth exploring whilst saving up for permanent dental treatment.

Our natural-looking snap on smile product is the perfect solution for your teeth and is easy to use and care for, without putting in too much effort. If you do not feel very confident about your smile and don’t want to have to opt for expensive implants through cosmtic surgery, there is a way to correct this more easily. With the help of a few pounds, you can get a non-invasive gadget that will give you a perfect new smile within a short time span.

About Our Fab Smile Snap On Veneers

For the longest time ever, people had to spend a lot of money before they could acquire a picture-perfect smile with our snap on smile veneers. However, after much research and deliberation , a cheaper solution that looks almost real has been produced.

Unlike other corrective surgery processes, true smile veneers are painless. What is more, you can put them on without the assistance of a dental doctor in the comfort of your home. What makes them a go-to option rather than corrective cosmetic surgery is the fact that they are affordable and easy to install. Best of all, you can eat and drink even the toughest meat without fearing that they may fall off or that you may damage them.

At Fab Smile Veneers, we offer you information about these items before sealing a deal with you. Better yet, we guarantee that our products will last at least a year after purchasing them. Any damages to them before this time elapses guarantees you a replacement using the warranty. Even so, the product is bound to last up to three years or more depending on how good at maintenance you are.

When it comes to choosing your preferred size and shade, we have a variety of these to pick from. Your eye colour and skin shade are some of the aspects that we use to help you determine the best shade suitable for you.

Snap On Veneers: More Affordable Veneers

snap on smileIf traditional dental veneers are out of your price range, could snap on veneers be a more affordable option? Absolutely!

The modern snap on veneers are moulded to fit your teeth and in our opinion our Elite veneers do not appear artificial. They are easy to fit in your mouth. There are many options available at varying price ranges, depending on whether you want your top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, to have snap on veneers. This works out considerably cheaper than the cost of traditional dental veneers and it is well worth considering snap on veneers. Overall, snap on options are very affordable veneers!

It is considerably less costly to choose snap on veneers instead of traditional dental veneers. Snap on veneers are not designed for permanent use so you can always put them in and take them out when needed. You might choose to wear them when socialising , or whilst at work, or only for special occasions. They can be taken out for eating and drinking.

Be Careful

Snap on veneers do wonders for your look but they should not be confused with instant veneers. Instant universal-fit veneers are placed over your teeth in the same way but they are not custom made. This results in something that looks like joke-teeth making your smile look worse instead of improving it. We do not sell this type of product.

How to Place an Order

Fab Smile Veneers understands that not everyone can make it to our physical location to place an order for the snap on smile. As such, we offer an online purchasing option that allows you to fill in all the required details including your address, which we use to deliver the true smile veneers to your doorstep. We will provide you with a mould kit that will help us find the correct measurements to use when creating a snap on smile for you. Our professional and highly equipped staff will cater to your needs with the utmost speed making sure to create only the strongest and most durable veneers. Better yet, we provide a payment option that best suits you, including an interest-free credit payment platform.

True smile veneers are the perfect choice for anyone who is not ready to undergo any cosmetic surgery or bleaching procedure to have a perfect smile. Even if you have a few missing teeth, we will find a way to work with the shape of your dental formula to provide the best products for your teeth without having you looking suspicious to anyone. In just two weeks, you will begin to enjoy the benefits of these instant smile veneers and regain your confidence. Call our team on 03333 206662 or email any enquiries to

Snap On Smile FAQs

If you would like to improve the appearance of your teeth, then Snap on Smile veneers will be a simple but effective solution. You just have to clip the veneers on, and you will be granted a brand new smile!

What are the benefits of opting for a snap on smile?

You can order and fit these veneers at the comfort of your home without the help of a professional. For that reason, you can save lots of money that you would have paid for cosmetic dentistry services. Also, these smile veneers are relatively cheap, depending on where you buy them.

Another benefit of using these snap-on veneers is a quick and easy cosmetic improvement for your stained or missing or uneven teeth. If you have to attend an occasion, you can put your veneers on as you leave your house. They offer instant results, helping you feel comfortable when smiling.

These smile veneers also offer a non-invasive solution to restore your smile. You do not require any cosmetic procedure to fit these smile veneers. Therefore, they save you both time and money.

How do you put on the veneers?

Applying the veneer is a straightforward process: you simply slip the veneer over your teeth, something like a gum shield, and they will be painless and comfortable, giving you an instant snap on smile. This is because they will be moulded around your teeth: before you are provided with your veneers, you will be provided with a kit that allows you to take a mould of your teeth; after you have sent the mould back, you will receive your new veneers, specifically designed to be as comfortable and easy-to-wear as possible.

How much does it cost to get Snap on Smile?

A range of payment plans are available, depending on your desired price bracket. At the lowest end you will be able to get a set of veneers for just £37.77 a month. However, you might prefer to spend an extra amount and receive a set of Elite veneers, which come with additional detailing and are made of higher-grade material with a more natural finish and that will stand up even better to everyday wear. If you are interested in the more expensive options, bear in mind that a flexible payment plan is available to make paying more comfortable for you. See our pricing page for more information.

How long will the veneers last?

Clip-on veneers must be taken good care of; if the wearer looks after them well, our Elite veneers should normally be usable for at least a year. It is more likely, however, that they will last for several years if proper care is taken on a regular basis.

Can you eat with Snap on Smile teeth?

Yes, our Elite veneers are designed so that they can be used while eating and drinking although it is down to personal preference how each person feels about eating whilst wearing veneers. It is possible that accidental damage may occur, however, particularly during consumption of certain types of food such as hard sweets or meat that contains bones. Many food will not pose this problem, but putting thought into what should or shouldn’t be eaten will be part of looking after your veneers.

Can a snap on smile help with stained teeth?

Yes, as you get older, your teeth tend to look yellowed and aged. If you drink red wine, coffee, tea or other foods that stain your pearly whites, you may have discoloured teeth that are dark and unsightly. With a snap on set of teeth, you can cover up those stains and discolourations and create a white smile that you’re not afraid to show off to the world.

I have chipped teeth. Can a snap on smile help?

There are many reasons why you might have a chipped tooth, but chances are that you don’t like the way it looks. Whether it’s a large chip or a small one, or more than one chipped tooth, a snap on smile can even things out and cover up chips on any of your teeth.

Do not leave teeth broken or chipped against your dentists advice as you could risk further deterioration, or even more serious and even life threatening consequences like infection or sepsis.

Can I use a snap on smile to cover broken teeth?

You can use a snap on smile to cover broken teeth!

A snap-on smile is a great way to mask those chipped or damaged teeth and keep them hidden from sight. If not treated with care there may even be worse consequences such as infection or sepsis-a potentially life threatening situation for those who do not seek dental health treatment soon enough.”

What about if my teeth are broken?

Perhaps your teeth are more than just chipped. Maybe they’re cracked and broken, and you hate the way they look. Again, a snap on device can mask those broken teeth and keep people from even knowing they’re there. Anytime you slide on your faux smile, you get a bright, even set of teeth that are always intact and whole.

Can it cover my missing teeth too?

If you have one or more teeth missing, a snap on set of teeth can cover up that issue as well. There are many reasons why you might have lost a tooth, from trauma to illness and even an accident. However, snap on teeth can keep people from seeing that you are missing one or more teeth.

My teeth are uneven. Will a snap on smile work?

If you didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment as an adolescent, you might still have uneven teeth. Using a snap on device can sometimes help even things out appearance-wise and give you a clean, white smile, even if you don’t have the money to pay for treatments for straightening your smile.

If a brilliant white smile is what you’ve always wanted, considering the benefits of a snap on set of teeth might be well worth your time.

How do you fit a snap on smile on?

Fitting these veneers is relatively easy, provided you follow a few guidelines. Snap-on veneers are available in several online shops. Order your set of these veneers from any online shop and enjoy free delivery services.

Once you place your order, we will send you an impression kit, enabling you to take an impression (mould) of your teeth and we use the moukld to then make your bespoke veneers.

If your teeth have blemishes, snap-on smile veneers can be an optimal solution to restore your smile. For quality, affordable and pain-free solution for your stained, crooked and uneven teeth, order Fab Smile Veneers today for the best quality.