Customers can now purchase their Fab Smile Clip-On veneers direct from our Facebook Page Shop. An easy and quick way to order your your new veneers in just a few easy clicks.

With our new Fab Smile Clip-On veneers, you can get a whole set of teeth in just minutes! Order your brand new and improved smile today for less than the cost of an iced coffee.

Customers have always been able to order their own custom made veneer sets from us with one simple call. Now we’re making it even easier by bringing them directly to Facebook so that they don’t need any other wayward steps before getting started on ordering theirs too. The beauty is that no matter what space or time constraint you might be dealing with (and really who isn’t?), this convenient option will make sure those pearly whites are ready within days rather than weeks. We are also available to assist you with any enquiries. Call our veneers consultants on 03333 206 662 or email with any enquiries.

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