£199 Clip-in Veneers Render Transformational Enhancement!

Fab Smile Veneers as Featured in The Sun

Our Ideal Veneers (Shade BL1) Render Transformational Enhancement!     © The Sun 30/12/19.Our skilled and experienced Technicians had an extra reason to enjoy their well-earned Christmas break this year when their copies of The Sun newspaper landed on their doormats this morning!

We were all absolutely delighted to read in The Sun, how pleased our customer Selina is with her new Ideal clip-in veneers.  Selina’s veneers were designed and manufactured by our dedicated team here in Atherton, Manchester, and in case some people may be wondering, no this was not a paid-for advertorial! In fact we had no idea Selina, who has hypodontia, was planning to share her experience with the readers of The Sun.

Judge for yourself, but like Selina, we are really pleased with the result. Other options are available including our Elite product and we have exciting new shades expected early in the New Year.

Fab Smile Clip-in Veneers bring wonderful transformation for hypodontic teeth

© The Sun 30/12/19

By the way, we had no idea Selina would be going public with her story but we are glad she did as its a lovely way for us to end the year. We wish Selina and all our customers a wonderful and joyous New Year.

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Hypodontia is a naturally occurring condition in which one or more teeth do not develop or are missing. For treatment, the patient should consult an orthodontist. Treatment could include re-aligning teeth to reduce gaps left by missing teeth or re-position teeth as well as implants and or bridges. If 6 or more teeth are missing, this is classified as severe.

Hypodontia is caused by genetic factors that are not yet fully understood and is often accompanied by other conditions such as microdontia (small or unusually shaped teeth), impacted canines (the teeth are not actually missing in the jaw but are stuck in the jaw and will not erupt naturally) and Supernumerary teeth (extra teeth crowding the jaw). In all such cases, the patient should consult a dentist for treatment advice.