What is a Snap-On Smile?

A snap-on smile, also known as a clip-on veneer, is a cheap and easy alternative to permanent veneers that do not require expert dentist work. As such, they have become a popular alternative to their permanent counterparts which can be incredibly expensive. We all love to wear a beautiful smile, and to achieve this, snap on (sometimes called clip-in) veneers are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are cheaper and less invasive than permanent veneers and they may achieve the similar objectives. But what are these veneers made of?

Strong and Durable Material

snap on smileSnap on smile Elite veneers are manufactured from the highest grade of crystallised acetyl resin, utilising the latest state-of-the-art technology. The material is very strong and more durable than other dental polymers which other clip-in veneers are made from. The appliance can be fabricated into various thicknesses, but their unique characteristics enable them to be made as thin as possible without losing their strength.

For our Ideal veneers we use a CE approved polymer specially made for dental uses. The flexible nature of this material enables it to slightly expand or flex so that it can be weaved around the natural contours of a tooth. This along with the design, helps ensures that the veneer fits snugly over the tooth and does not shift or come loose eg when speaking.

Custom Design

They can be custom designed to fit the shape, size and colour of the teeth and can be removed anytime without the need to visit a dentist. No dental injections, cutting of gum tissue or bonding is required. Unlike traditional veneers which are bonded to the front surfaces of the teeth, they act like a mask, sitting on top of the teeth like a mouth guard. They are light-weight, and with their slim profile, they fit perfectly and securely on existing teeth.

Resistance to Stain

Acetyl resin is very resistant to stain because of the non- porous nature of the material. This also helps reduce food debris, tobacco stain or other colorants from sticking to the material which is helpful when consuming food, wine or smoking. If discolouration does occur, the clip-in veneers are easily removed and cleaned.

Benefits of Snap on Veneers

They are easy and quick to snap on, and you can be wearing a beautiful smile, looking and feeling better much sooner than you expect. It is an affordable and reversible means of alleviating cosmetic smile issues and improving your smile without resorting to more invasive procedures such as dental implants. Or if you are planning more permanent changes, clip-in veneers could be a useful stop-gap treatment whilst you are saving up and waiting to complete your dental treatment. A wide range of shapes and shades can be custom produced depending on the area to be covered. Based on the specific requirements of the individual, these snap on appliances can be made to cover only the front of the upper and or lower arches.

How Much Does Snap-on Smile Cost?

Clip-on smile veneers typically start from upwards of £340 for a full set or £200 for just the top half. Getting a full set is clearly much better value but both are much more cost effective than permanent veneers which can cot as much as £800 per tooth.

How Long do Secret Veneers Last

instant smile veneersPaying less upfront does not help in the long run if it means having to spend the same amount over and over again. The good news is that temporary veneers belie their name and will often last  several years if properly cared for.

Typically, they are supposed to last for at least a year and with proper care, this can be extended to several years, Elite veneers made from Acetyl Resin will usually last the longest besides having more attractive and natural looking features.

Can You Eat With Snap-On Smile?

Typically, the wearers of instant smile veneers are advised not to wear them while eating. However, this does not mean that doing so is impossible.

Eating while wearing a snap-on smile can feel a bit strange at first but with time and practice, the feeling will subside. This means that they can be worn out to formal dinners or other events where making a good impression is essential. Eating with temporary veneers in regularly may however decrease their lifespan and each time extra care must be taken when brushing to prevent food from becoming trapped.

Beware Instant Veneers

Instant veneers are placed directly on top of the teeth just like clip-on veneers but they are not custom-made by technicians, like all of our veneers. Instead they are put in hot water for a few minutes. This grants them flexibility to stretch and after trying to fit them to the wearers teeth they are placed in cold water to set. However the result is invariably a very poor result often likened to badly fitting joke teeth, we do not recommend or sell this type of veneer.

At Fab Smile Veneers, we make the latest in removable clip on veneers. Our team of specialist technologists create the veneers based on the mould they receive from you. The veneers are high quality, affordable, safe and non-toxic. They are easy to clean and they polish beautifully, making it possible to maintain high standards of oral hygiene every day!

Important Note: Clip-in veneers are not an alternative to regular dental check-ups with your local dentist also whether you use clip-in veneers or not, its vital to follow regular dental hygiene procedures as recommended by your dentist.