What is a Snap-On Smile?

A snap-on smile, also known as a clip-on veneer, is a cheap and easy alternative to permanent veneers that do not require expert dentist work. As such, they have become a popular alternative to their permanent counterparts which can be incredibly expensive.

instant smile veneersHow Much Does Snap-on Smile Cost?

Instant smile veneers commonly cost around £450 for a full set or £350 for just the top half. Getting a full set is clearly much better value but both are much more cost effective than permanent veneers which can cot as much as £800 per tooth.

How Long do Secret Veneers Last

Paying less upfront does not help in the long run if it means having to spend the same amount over and over again. The good news is that temporary veneers belie their name and will actually last so long as they are properly cared for.

Typically, they are supposed to last for at least a year but this is only likely to happen if they are not well maintained. With proper care, this can be extended to several years.

Can You Eat With Snap-On Smile?

Typically, the wearers of instant smile veneers are advised not to wear them while eating. However, this does not mean that doing so is impossible.

Eating while wearing a snap-on smile can feel weird but with time and practice, the feeling will subside. This means that they can be worn out to formal dinners or other events were making a good impression is essential. Eating with temporary veneers in regularly will decrease their lifespan and each time extra care must be taken when brushing to prevent food from becoming trapped and causing decay.

Using Instant Smile Veneers

Temporary veneers are placed directly on top of the teeth. The only preparation required is to let the veneers spend a few minutes soaking in a bowl of hot water. This grants them the flexibility to stretch as necessary.

Once they are ready, simply find a mirror and carefully place them directly over your teeth. Then, spread them about so that they match up perfectly. Finally, place them in a bowl of cold water so that the new custom shape is fixed and cannot change again. They are now ready to be used at any time. Exposing them to a hot liquid will allow them to shift so it is possible to make further adjustments if they do not fit quite right the first time around.

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