Removable Veneers

What You Should Know About Removable Veneers

removable veneersIt is common to have stains, chipped teeth and tooth gaps when it comes to your teeth’s appearance. This should not lower your confidence since you can improve your smile by considering removable veneers. Veneers are made using a safe dental bio compatible grade material. They are positioned onto your teeth to help you create an appealing smile. They are custom-made to resemble your natural teeth.

Technicians mimic the enamel when producing a veneer. It is tailor-made to fit your dentition comfortably. Veneers can go a long way when it comes to changing your smile.

In simplistic terms, veneers are clip-on teeth made to improve your smile. Veneers are manufactured by highly skilled dental technicians to provide uniformity to your teeth.

In today’s landscape, there is no reason why every single person should not be able to achieve a healthy and winning smile. For many, this smile can come in the form of temporary veneers that are able to be removed and replaced whenever you need them.

In the past, some people have been cautious regarding temporary veneers as there has been a fear about the longevity of them and how well they can remain adhered in place, but at this stage in 21st-century technology, that is not something that customers need to worry about. With this in mind, here is some vital information about why removable veneers are here to stay, quite literally!

  • In general, when your veneers are made from high quality dental grade polymer / acetal resin, they should have no trouble whatsoever in staying attached over teeth.
  • When expertly produced to fit the indivual user’s set of teeth, such as those produced by our in-house technologists here at Fab Smile,  veneers can prove to be extremely durable and visually pleasing to the extent that people will not even notice you don’t have your ‘natural’ set of teeth on display.
  • Veneers detaching unprompted and falling off is very much the exception rather than the rule these days. There is always going to be a small percentage of bad luck in certain cases, but you should rest assured that a case of your veneers falling off without you trying to actively remove them is going to be very, very unlikely.
  • Those with permanent veneers may need to discuss with their dentist a protective night guard in order to prevent teeth grinding having an adverse effect for someone prone to grinding (bruxism). This extra force can have the impact of putting pressure on the precisely placed permanent veneers and can eventually lead to them dislodging. This is not an issue for Fab Smile’s removable veneers, as they are removed at night, preserving the shelf life of the veneers.

Why consider removable veneers?

Temporary veneers are affordable and can be removed when the need arises. These veneers are made from dental resin and form a thin layer on your teeth. Probably, temporary veneers are the best option to attaining that perfect appearance. Miraculously you can remove them and clean them at the comfort of your home. You can also enjoy your meals comfortably while with them on.

Fab Smile Veneers have made a name in providing various types of natural-looking veneers at an affordable cost. These veneers can be used to restore your lost smile and make your days more comfortable. At Fab Smile Veneers, our technician will select the most suitable veneers in an attempt to bond your teeth.

Fab Smile Veneers have honed skills in solving the issues you are having with your teeth. With our high-quality dental materials, you can never go amiss. We are experienced in providing hard-wearing –clips- on. We provide dentist and pain-free veneers to give you an incredible smile.

removable veneersTaking Care of your Removable Veneers

Veneers should be taken care of the same way you take care of your teeth. Any foreign material that can chip natural teeth can also damage your veneers. This means that you should not bite hard things with your veneers. Everyday habits such as opening bottles with your teeth can damage veneers. Before deciding to improve your smile with temporary veneers, consult our technicians at Fab Smile Veneers on 03333 206662 or email

Replacement veneers are created by our technicians to enable you to create a perfect smile. At Fab Smile Veneers, we will supply you with the right veneers for you. We have veneers made of various colours designed to match your skin tone. With our natural – like veneers, you will be able to deal with dental challenges such as natural gaps, chipped teeth and discoloured teeth.

Removable Veneers FAQs

Fab Smile Veneers present some answers to frequently asked questions we are often asked about our removable veneers. Read on to find out more about our products. Click on each question below to see our responses.


What Are Removable Veneers?
Removable veneers are the ideal solution for turning your imperfect teeth into a perfect smile. They are popular solutions for various dental issues such as crooked, severely discoloured and chipped teeth. These removable veneers have become popular over the years thanks to the few advantages they have. For one, they cost significantly less than permanent veneers. The cost of making veneers and fitting them can get very high when it comes to traditional veneers. On the other hand, removable veneers take a fraction of the work and use different materials. Therefore, you can get your perfect smile without going bankrupt. They are alternative teeth to display. 

removable veneersOur Elite veneers are made from composite resin. Since our Elite veneers look just like real teeth, they are great at improving the smile. Removable veneers are temporary alternatives to the more traditional permanent veneers. With these veneers, you can fit and remove them whenever you wish. Unlike permanent veneers, the removable type doesn’t require any modifications to the teeth for fitting. If you are looking to get removable veneers, learn a few fundamentals about them, including their different names.

What Are These Veneers Also Known As?
  • Snap-on – This is one of the common names used for removable dental veneers. As the customer fits the shells over the teeth, they release a snapping sound, hence the name.
  • Slip-on/clip-on/clip-in – Rather than bonding the veneers with the teeth, you can slip the veneers on and off when you want.
  • Instant veneers – It’s because they don’t take a lot of time to create, based from a mould.
  • Temporary veneers – They can come off whenever you wish.

Removable veneers are often referred to as clip on or clip in veneers. However, there are many other names for this product. They are temporary, instant smile veneers , oral teeth covers and just veneers.

The following is a list of some other common names: clip on or clip in veneers, instant smile veneers, temporary dentures (or dental bridges), oral teeth covers, removable partial denture panels or removable full-coverage gum shields.

Can I Eat and Drink while Wearing Removable Veneers?
The answer is yes and no. Some customers prefer not to eat while wearing removable veneers as they feel it could impact the quality of your experience over time or cause the veneers to wear out quicker. This is especially a consideration for our Ideal Veneers range. It may also feel like a strange sensation at first as it may feel different to how you normally feel eating without them. You can eat and drink normally while wearing veneers and even engage in other activities like smoking and kissing. However, eating and drinking will shorten your veneers’ lifespan so avoid it where possible. Also, for our cheaper Ideal we do advise avoiding very hot drinks. Elite perform best for eating and drinking. Also dont forget to clean your teeth regularly and keep your veneers clean to.

If you do choose to eat while wearing your veneers we suggest you avoid certain foods. Things like meat, chewing gum, chewing hard foods etc require extensive chewing or crunching and therefore are not ideal especially in the early stages of wearing your veneers. Essentially anything that requires more effort to eat, so avoid anything hard or chewy as a simple rule.

In addition to these foods, some customers prefer to avoid anything that may result in staining. Drinks in particular sometimes have strong pigments. Coffee, tea, red wine could stain your teeth, needing them to be cleaned afterwards, so you may wish to stick to water and other clear drinks for a brighter smile.

Softer foods are a better choice as they impact the veneers less. Anything with a smooth texture such as mash potato, eggs or soft bread would be a good choice. These types of foods also often have lighter colours which do not stain so choosing food groups that are white or yellow is a useful rule to remember.

How Do I Care For My Removable Veneers?
removable veneersA simple tip for keeping your removable veneers clear of discolouration is to clean them every day. Typically, you should wash your veneers each and every time you both insert them into and remove them from your mouth. This simple routine will ensure that your veneers retain their sparkle. It’s especially important to clean them with a soft brush at night after removal.

Clean them the right way

Veneers are not like normal teeth. Don’t use standard toothpaste or mouthwash to clean them. Instead, opt for a solution of mild soap and water and gently brush them with a soft toothbrush or veneer brush. This will ensure that your veneers remain bright and shiny. You can also use special non-abrasive orthodontic tooth paste which we sell through our website. If you find that your veneers have developed an odour, you can soak them for an hour in a disinfectent cleaning solution- we also sell this through our website. This should help remove the odour and retain a sparkling look. Never use a hard brush or sharp object to clean your veneers. Do not use a blow dryer or other direct heat source to dry them. Instead, allow your veneers to air dry or use a soft cloth to wipe off any moisture. Washing your veneers regularly like this will ensure they do not become discoloured.

Please bear in mind, we also sell special soft-bristle tooth brushes designed and suitable for cleaning dental and similar appliances such as clip-in veneers.

Will I Lisp while Wearing my Veneers?
As you adjust to wearing removable veneers you may have a lisp. Fortunately, given time and practice it will completely vanish. At most, you can expect any lisping to disappear after 72 hours and even sooner if you talk a lot during that time.
Will the Veneers become Discoloured with use?
Your veneers should not become discoloured so long as you take proper care of them. This means washing them with the provided soft brush, soap and the correct cleaning tablets at the end of every day.
Does Wearing Veneers Hurt?
No. Veneers simply clip over your natural teeth and should not cause any pain or damage. They may feel a little strange while you adjust to wearing them but given time they will feel completely normal. If they do cause pain then you should stop using them.
How Long can I Wear my Veneers?
During the day, you can wear your veneers for as long as you wish. It is recommended that you remove them for sleeping both to allow them to be cleaned overnight and to allow your teeth to breathe while you sleep.
Do I Need to See a Dentist?
You do not need to see a dentist when you are taking the impressions of your teeth and the process is completely pain-free. However, if you are struggling with the impressions kit then a dentist may be able to help take them for you. Clip-on veneers are not invasive. With the permanent variety, the dentist has to inject the teeth and may have to make a few adjustments of the gum to ensure that they fit. You don’t have to undergo this process when putting on instant veneers.
What if my Impressions don’t Work?
If you are unsure, send us a photo after you have made your impressions. We will discuss with you whether you need to do more and we often include extra putty with the kit in case this should occur, or we can send you more if needed. Unlike other veneer companies we do not charge extra if you need further attempts at doing your impression- this is because we want the best result possible as we want you to be delighted with the end result. We are always happy to discuss impression taking with you, to help set your mind at ease.
What are Veneers made from?
removable veneersOur veneers are made from a biocompatible dental-grade material that is made by the leading dental technology manufacturers.

Ideal veneers are made from erkodur and Elite+ veneers are made from acetyl resin.

Both of these materials have been extensively tested for their safety in dental applications.

What is the Difference Between Ideal and Elite?
The material used in Elite veneers is more durable and longer-lasting. The Elite veneers also come with extra detailing for a perfectly natural smile.
Why Should You Consider Removable Veneers?
For a large percentage of the population, coming up with the funds to undergo a large scale cosmetic procedure just isn’t feasible. Permanent fixes to smiles cost just as much as you expect them to and for these reasons, lots of us are turning to other solutions and alternatives to achieve a similar outcome. One such alternative solution which definitely produces a great outcome for many people is that of removable veneers.


If you have not considered this as an option for yourself before, then we are here to encourage you to consider it! Without further ado, here are some of the best reasons why you should consider clip-on veneers.

Natural Look And Feel

Removable veneers are expertly moulded to your own teeth and all of the various contours and shape differences that they might possess, and as a result, you are left with a set of veneers that should fit perfectly in your mouth and after a short period to get used to them, they should feel quite natural when wearing them. Not only do they feel natural, but our Elite veneers also look it too. When done properly, it is often almost impossible for others to tell the difference between real teeth and veneers.

Increased Self Confidence

For many people, crooked or missing teeth can be a big downside when it comes to self-confidence and satisfaction in appearance. Thanks to clip-on veneers, you can give yourself an instant perfect smile, which will in turn might even help to boost your self-confidence. Some of our satisfied customers even tell us that this self-confidence then has the power to spread throughout your entire personality and social life making you an all-round happier person.

No Drilling Required

One of the best things about removable veneers is the fact that you are not required to undergo any dental surgery in order to obtain them. The vast majority of the fitting process is achieved through making a mould of your upper and lower teeth sets, and once complete your veneers will clip on and clasp to your teeth in a really natural way without the need of drilled holes or filing down.

removable veneersNo Extra Maintenance

There is no real extra maintenance that needs to be done on your part when wearing clip-on veneers. All you need to do is keep brushing twice daily along with flossing, and your mouth will remain in a healthy condition to receive and wear the veneers without any problems. You should also keep the veneers themselves clean. We do also need to stress that clip-on veneers should not be seen as an alternative to getting regular dental check-ups and treatment from your dentist.

If you are hoping to get teeth veneers in the future, snap-ons may well be a good solution. See what it feels and look like to have veneers.