Elite Upper and lower Veneers upgrade £219.50 | Fab Smile Veneers

Elite Upper and lower Veneers upgrade £219.50

£418.00 £219.50

Elite Veneers. Made from dental grade Acetyl Resin – custom made by skilled technicians and designed to clip onto your natural teeth, hand finished with natural detailing. Hard wearing and ultra-thin (typically around 0.3mm).


Elite upgrade from single arch to dual

Elite price £637.50 minus £418.00 already ordered

amount due


Additional information

Shade Choice (+£0.00)

Hollywood BL1 (+£0.00), Pure White BL4 (+£0.00), Natural White A1 (+£0.00), Light Ivory A2 (+£0.00), Ivory A3.5 (+£0.00)

Spare Upper Veneer (+£150)

No Spare (+£0.00), Spare in BL1 (+£150.00), Spare in BL4 (+£150.00), Spare in A1 (+£150.00), Spare in A2 (+£150.00), Spare in A3.5 (+£150.00)