Elite Single Arch (Upper or Lower) Veneers. Express / Super-Express


Ideal Upper and Lower Veneers. Made from dental grade polymer – custom made by skilled technicians and designed to clip onto your natural teeth.

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ELITE SINGLE ARCH (Upper OR Lower) Veneers. Express / Super-Express – starting from £468 including express charge.

Elite BL4

Elite Upper OR Lower Veneers. Custom made by our in-house skilled technicians and designed to clip onto your natural teeth. Elite, our premium veneers, super thin, natural detailing, hand-finished and harder wearing. Best for frequent / everyday use.

Available in a choice of shades:

BL1- Ubber bright, Love Island Look,  “bleach-white shade”, it will draw attention!

BL4-A fraction lighter than A1.

A1- A clean bright, natrual shade. This is as bright as teeth can look naturally. Our most popular choice.

A2- Ivory/ yellow- this is the most common shade of teeth that people have naturally. This shade tends to be chosen by customers who are not seeking brighter teeth, but want to deal with other issues like gaps etc

A3.5-A  slighter darker version of A2.

Add a spare set of veneers in your shade choice for just £150.

Choose either Express (8 working days) or Super Express (4 working days). Customer must be able to visit us at our office at Atherton near Manchester.

Once you place your order, you will receive an email explaining how to book your appointment.


You may not be suitable if:

-you have 3 or more missing teeth next to each other;

-or no back teeth for the veneers to clip onto;

-or you are undergoing any dental or orthodontic treatment, wear a dental appliance;

-or have any loose teeth, fillings, crowns or bridges

Made in Great Britain.

Additional information

Upper or Lower Veneers? (+£0.00)

Upper (+£0.00), Lower (+£0.00)

Shade Choice (+£0.00)

Hollywood Bright -BL1 (+£0.00), Bleached-BL4, Natural White -A1 (+£0.00), Light Ivory -A2 (+£0.00), Ivory A3.5

Spare Set of Veneers (+£150)

No Spare Veneer (+£0.00), Spare Veneer BL1 (+£195), Spare Veneer BL41 (+£195), Spare Veneer A1 (+£195), Spare Veneer A2 (+£195), Spare Veneer A3.5 (+£195)

Express Service

Express (8 days)(+£50), Super Xpress (4 days) (+£95)