Clip-in veneers 12 month warranty




No quibble warranty for clip-in veneers supplied by us.

If your veneers break for any reason during the period 12 months after you purchase this warranty, we will replace them free of charge, we will normally do this using your original impressions.

Furthermore, any replacement clip-in veneers supplied under this warranty will themselves be covered for then unused period of the warranty; the warranty period will also be extended for any time you have to wait for the replacement veneers to be delivered.


You must not purchase a warranty for veneers which are older than 36 months on the date you purchase the warranty. (Any claims under such warranty will be rejected).

For warranties purchased more than 6 months after the original purchase, the warranty does not cover breakages occurring before or within 14 days of your purchase of the warranty, unless the breakage is due to a manufacturing defect in the product.

For customers who have purchased more than one set of veneers under different orders, the customer must within 7 days of purchasing the warranty, notify Fab Smile which veneers are intended to be covered by the warranty (but any spares veneers which were purchased under the same order, will be covered by the warranty) .