Problems Fixed With A Snap On Smile | Fab Smile Veneers

Lots of people want a bright and white smile but might not have the money to spend on traditional methods of improving teeth. That’s why so many patients are choosing a snap on smile.

snap on smile Our Elite veneers are a high tech resin product that simply slides on over your existing teeth to transform your smile in seconds. It’s perfect for family photo day or for improving your smile, allowing you to be more confident about how your smile looks. Check out all of the problems that a snap on smile can help cover.

*A Word of Warning:

Getting clip-in veneers is not meant as an alternative to regular check-ups with a dentist nor is it an alternative following your dentist’s advice about what treatment would benefit you, or adhereing to good dental hygiene. If you have broken or chipped you should see your dentist as you may need dental treatment which only a dentist can provide – if you leave chipped or broken untreated against your dentist’s advice you could risk further deterioration, or even more serious and even life threatening consequences like infection or sepsis.

If you have uneven or crooked teeth your dentists or orthodentists might be able to straighten them for you with orthodontic treatment.

Stained Teeth

As you get older, your teeth tend to look yellowed and aged. If you drink red wine, coffee, tea or other foods that stain your pearly whites, you may have discoloured teeth that are dark and unsightly. With a snap on set of teeth, you can cover up those stains and discolourations and create a white smile that you’re not afraid to show off to the world.

Chipped Teeth

There are many reasons why you might have a chipped tooth, but chances are that you don’t like the way it looks. Whether it’s a large chip or a small one, or more than one chipped tooth, a snap on smile can even things out and cover up chips on any of your teeth.

-Do not leave teeth broken or chipped against your dentists advice, see above*

Broken Teeth

Perhaps your teeth are more than just chipped. Maybe they’re cracked and broken, and you hate the way they look. Again, a snap on device can mask those broken teeth and keep people from even knowing they’re there. Anytime you slide on your faux smile, you get a bright, even set of teeth that are always intact and whole.

-Do not leave teeth broken or chipped against your dentists advice, see above*

Missing Teeth

If you have one or more teeth missing, a snap on set of teeth can cover up that issue as well. There are many reasons why you might have lost a tooth, from trauma to illness and even an accident. However, snap on teeth can keep people from seeing that you are missing one or more teeth*.

Uneven Teeth

If you didn’t undergo orthodontic treatment as an adolescent, you might still have uneven teeth. Using a snap on device can sometimes help even things out appearance-wise and give you a clean, white smile, even if you don’t have the money to pay for  treatments for straightening your smile*.

If a brilliant white smile is what you’ve always wanted, considering the benefits of a snap on set of teeth might be well worth your time.