Did you know we offer interest-free credit?

VERY HIGH APPROVAL RATE– over 90% of customers are accepted!
0% INTEREST AND NO HIDDEN CHARGES– that’s a promise.
NO PAPERWORK– credit agreement completed and signed online.

A full set of Upper and Lower arches from our Ideal range could be yours for as little as £37.77 per month or just £66.33 per month for one arch; or if you would prefer to upgrade to our Elite range, a full set starts from £53.08 per month or £46.44 per month for one Elite Arch (Upper or Lower) . You choose the number of monthly instalments that suits your budget§.

To take advantage of our Interest-Free Credit just chose the Interest-Free Credit Option at checkout.

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Alternatively we accept payment by all major Debit and Credit cards and by PayPal.

You can also pay by Flexible Payment Plan– choose up to 3 months to pay. £35 deposit or choose our pay by Direct Debit option (first payment usually taken around 7 days after you place your order (contact us if you wish to change your payment date). No credit application required for Flexible Payment Plan or Direct Debit options, and both are totally interest free!

veneers Ideal Elite
Shade Choices 3 5
Interest-free credit? YES (up to 9 months) YES (up to 12 months)
Upper & Lower Arch Price £340 £637.50
One arch only (Upper or Lower) Price £199 £418
Extra (spare) Set Upper & Lower Arch £150 £195
Spare Set of Veneers Upper or Lower £90 £150

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Prices include VAT, use of an impression kit, and postage for one return of your completed impression and delivery of your finished veneers.

( † quotes based on repayment over 9 months)

(†† quote based on repayment over 3 months)

( ‡ quotes based on repayment over 12 months)

( § maximum 3 & 9 months for respectively one or two arches from our Ideal range, and 9 & 12 months for one or two arches from our Elite range)

Range Comparison

Ideal Elite
Eat / Drink / /
Custom Made / /
Safe / /
Stain Resistant / /
Different shade choices / /
Digital Technology / /
Cad Cam Milling /
Intermittent Use / /
Everyday Wear /
Natural Detailing /
Express Delivery / /
Higher Grade Material /

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