Press on veneers are a cheaper way of refining the aesthetics of a smile. They give someone an improved appearance similar to what permanent dental veneers might do. They are specifically designed to improve the appearance of your smile caused by things such as slightly crooked, discoloured and missing teeth.

press on veneersPress-on-veneers do not need any preliminary works like filling down the teeth before being worn. This type of veneers are less demanding as opposed to the permanent ones.

Difference of Press on veneers to Traditional Veneers

Unlike traditional dental veneers, temporary dental veneers are easily maintained and are not invasive. The difference are:

  • There’s no drilling entailed.
  • The are less costly as compared to permanent dental veneers.
  • There’s no need for regular dentists visits to get them – but you should continue with regular check-ups.
  • They can be replaced if need be.
  • They can be worn at one’s own leisure.
  • You are not obliged to  pay very high fees.

Eating with Clip-on-veneers

Eating with temporary, press on veneers on is possible though not advisable for some foods. After a period of wearing them you may get used to the sensation.

Foods not to Eat with Temporary Veneers

Eating some foods poses a danger to your clip-on-veneers. Consequently, it’s prudent to avoid certain foods to ensure your temporary veneers are long lasting. If you have your veneers on, keeping away from food which would stain your teeth is best. Hot, hard and crunchy foods are a no go zone as well. Foods to be avoided when wearing your clip-on-veneers include:

  • Hard or very sticky sweets
  • Nuts
  • Raw very crispy or hard fruits and vegetables.
  • Chewing gum
  • Tough meat.
  • Ice cubes (if you like crunching them)
  • Crunchy and hard foods generally.

You should also keep your natrual teeth clean, ie by regular brushing.

Fab Smile Veneers offers quality clip on veneers that are affordable, designed to bring some of the benefits of a permanent dental veneer so far as concerns improving your smile. It’s therefore wise to choose a quality clip-on-veneers company to avoid any issues with your veneers.