Positive Impact of a Picture Perfect Smile | Fab Smile Veneers
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Improving our world with a smile. 

We can determine a lot from looking at a person and their expressions. If someone is smiling back at you, it can have a positive impact on the recepient and make them feel better with a more positive, happier emotion.

clip on veneersIn 2019, a study published by psycholgists Nicholas A. Coles, Jeff T. Larsen, Heather C. Lench looked at the effect of smiling on the person “giving” the smile. Using a well-established research method known as meta-analysis, the researchers used findings from over 130 research studies involving in excess of 11,000 subjects from across the globe. They found that facial expressions effect the feelings of the expressor as follows:

Smiling = happier, Scowling = angrier, frowning = sadder.

Scientists are still studying the exact mechanism but in the case of smiling, its theorised that the actual movement of facial muscles in the act of smiling causes the release of neuropeptides which help counter the effects of stress and anxiety.

The effect is even greater on the person receiving the smile. In another respected piece of research, also published in 2019, this time by Swiss psycholgical researchers Jana Nikitin and Alexandra M. Freund, they found substantial evidence that happy faces have a strong motivational power by activating postivie reactions in the person “receiving” the smile, and much more so than angry faces; implying that as a species we respond best to happy encouragement. Research shows that people rate smilers favourably and that smiling creates an expectation that the ensuing interactions will be rewarding and positive. Furthermore a smiling cheerful disposition is associated with numerous positive outcomes such as strong inter-personal relationships, longer life and fewer divorces!

In short smiling is a Win Win and we should all try to get into the habit of smiling a lot more than we do because its an important key to help unlock inner-mindfulness for ourselves, but more so for those around us and of course the more people that engage their smiles, the greater will be the positive feedback. Thus if we all make a conscious effort to be smiling and cherful with those with whom we interact on a daily basis, soon the benefit will be reflected back to us as a virtous positive feedback loop comes into play. Its the herd effect of smiling!

We all desire to have a picture-perfect smile, and the good news is that Clip on Veeners from Fab Smile Veneers are here to help make sure you are at your smiley best.

Finally, always remember,

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, frown, and you frown alone.

[Adapted from an original quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, from her 1883 poem ‘Solitude’]