Improving our world with a smile. 

We can determine a lot from looking at a person and their expressions. If someone is smiling back at you, it can have a positive impact on the recepient and make them feel better with a more positive, happier emotion.

clip on veneersIn 2019, a study published by psycholgists Nicholas A. Coles, Jeff T. Larsen, Heather C. Lench looked at the effect of smiling on the person “giving” the smile. Using a well-established research method known as meta-analysis, the researchers used findings from over 130 research studies involving in excess of 11,000 subjects from across the globe. They found that facial expressions effect the feelings of the expressor as follows:

Smiling = happier, Scowling = angrier, frowning = sadder.

Scientists are still studying the exact mechanism but in the case of smiling, its theorised that the actual movement of facial muscles in the act of smiling causes the release of neuropeptides which help counter the effects of stress and anxiety.

The effect is even greater on the person receiving the smile. In another respected piece of research, also published in 2019, this time by Swiss psycholgical researchers Jana Nikitin and Alexandra M. Freund, they found substantial evidence that happy faces have a strong motivational power by activating postivie reactions in the person “receiving” the smile, and much more so than angry faces; implying that as a species we respond best to happy encouragement. Research shows that people rate smilers favourably and that smiling creates an expectation that the ensuing interactions will be rewarding and positive. Furthermore a smiling cheerful disposition is associated with numerous positive outcomes such as strong inter-personal relationships, longer life and fewer divorces!

In short smiling is a Win Win and we should all try to get into the habit of smiling a lot more than we do because its an important key to help unlock inner-mindfulness for ourselves, but more so for those around us and of course the more people that engage their smiles, the greater will be the positive feedback. Thus if we all make a conscious effort to be smiling and cherful with those with whom we interact on a daily basis, soon the benefit will be reflected back to us as a virtous positive feedback loop comes into play. Its the herd effect of smiling!

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

hollywood smileA great smile can sometimes have a tremendous impact on how you are seen by others. A simple, straightforward and sincere smile shows that you are an intelligent and outgoing person. It also tells people that you are willing to open up to other people. In the long term, wearing a smile can also benefit your health, social life, romantic status, and perception at work and generally how peaople respond to you as a person. With that much at stake, it is important that you know what your smile says about you.

A smile is a language that connects one person to another. It expresses feelings and emotions that go beyond words. Even without uttering a word, people can interpret what you want to convey by simply wearing a smile.

Interestingly, studies suggest that a smile can also reflect your personality and temperament. This is because of the many interconnected components linked to a smile and how people respond to it. Wondering what a smile would say about you? Read on for some insights.

  1. snap on veneersA Smile Makes You Look Successful

A smile could have a huge effect on the perceptions of someone’s attractiveness and personality. Several physiological studies have shown that people with attractive smiles look more friendly, successful and intelligent. Such people tend to cope well with life issues than people who are unsmiling and withdrawn.

A study that involved a group of 528 people shows the benefits of smiling. Photographs of eight adults were shown to the participants and they were asked to rate each picture according to attractiveness, intelligence, friendliness and how interesting the specimens were. They were also asked whether they thought the people in the photos appeared to be kind, successful and wealthy. A majority of the participants felt that individuals with an attractive smile looked successful and smarter as well as more interesting and wealthier.

  1. You Have Healthy Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the perception of our own value as a person or the opinion we have of ourselves. People with a killer smile tend to feel more positive about themselves and life as well. Those with a less attractive smile may see themselves and their lives in a more negative and critical light. People who are uncomfortable with their smiles often look down, clamp their lips together or cover their mouth with their hands so others don’t see their teeth.

Kids who are ashamed of their teeth are less likely to speak up in class, raise their hand or do well in class presentations. Adults with crooked teeth sometimes prefer to avoid speaking up in meetings, and in one to one interactions and taking opportunities to interact, all of which could hurt one’s career.

  1. You Are Full of Joy

A laughing smile is when the lower and upper teeth are showing. This inviting and comfortable face exudes joy and sincerity. What’s more, a smile stimulates a powerful reaction in the brain, releasing serotonin and dopamine among other hormones. These two hormones contribute to feelings of well-being and happiness. Low levels of serotonin and dopamine are linked to depression and aggression.

More than Flexing Muscles

Scientifically, a smile is formed when the lip and facial muscles flex out. Along with the flexing of these muscles, a smile holds some meaning, which is subject to change based on a person’s social setting. In one case, a smile may depict that you are happy and pleased. On the other hand, smiling may reveal amusement or a hidden weakness. Generally, people wear different kinds of smiles, depending on who they are with. Spontaneous, artificial, fake, and real smiles best explain why smiling is more than just flexing facial muscles.

It is possible to send a wide range of messages when wearing a smile, including the following;

  • Agreeable, Friendly, and Accepting

A real smile is a friendly invitation to others that you are ready and willing to interact with them. Some people may consider you worthy of their attention and time by virtue of flashing a genuine smile.

  • Intelligent and Professional

In a work-related setting, a warm smile may convey intelligence, professionalism, and confidence to work with others. In this case, a smile may present a definite benefit to your career.

  • Trustworthy

It is easy to earn trust and build connections with others by giving out an attractive smile. This is because, for some people, a smile reflects reliability and willingness to accept others.

  • Negative Outlook and Energy

An artificial or fake smile is often translated as suppressing emotions and unwillingness to be open to others. When you wear an ingenuine smile, you miss out on a fundamental way of connecting with others and revealing your positive outlook.

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Finally, always remember,

Smile and the whole world smiles with you, frown, and you frown alone.

[Adapted from an original quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, from her 1883 poem ‘Solitude’]