Clip-in Veneers- Photograph Competition. <a style=

We love sharing photos of our happy customers wearing their fabulous new smiles!

Send in your photos to us and we will share the best of them on our Veneers Photo Wall.

Even better all photos received will be entered into our Annual Prize Competition – see below for the amazing prizes available.






First Prize- £150 And 4 Runner-up Prizes of £50 (one of which is drawn at random).

Here are some ideas:


Please send in a pair of photos (or a montage) showing your smile both wearing and not wearing your veneers, so we can see what a great difference your veneers have made. You might want to include a close-up photo so we can really see that difference. 


Literally could be any kind of event where you are having fun eg a family wedding, at a music concert or sporting event, at a party, or enjoying a meal with friends.


May be posing at the Eiffel Tower or soaking up the rays on the beach- if you are sporting your Fab Smile veneers we want those snaps!


Fancy yourself as the next Kate Moss or Tyson Beckford, well if so just send your photos to us! 


Getting married in your Fab Smile Veneers? Send us at least one wedding day photo of you wearing your veneers on your Big Day and we will be delighted to raise our glass to toast the happy couple. Bottle of champagne for every couple sending in a Wedding Day photo


OK so you just want to take a photo sat in your garden or looking into your bedroom mirror. No problem!

Important Information:


Don’t worry no matter how badly out of focus your photo is, all customers submitting photos have a chance of winning as we reserve one of the runner-up prizes for a random draw!


As many as you like! Dont forget we have several prize categories.


Shortly after we complete your veneers, we will send you an email with an UpLoad Link telling you about this competition and prize draw- just use the link included in that email to send your photos to us. Alternatively, you can email your photos to – please quote your name and order number.



1. You must be over the age of 18 years to enter this competition. 2. By entering this competition, you are agreeing that we may publish and continue to publish indefinitely, the photos you send to us irrespective of whether or not you are awarded any prize. You may by notice in writing request us to remove from publication and delete any photo we publish provided you adequately identify the photo to us. We will endeavour to comply with your request within 7 days of receiving it. Requests to remove and delete photos should be emailed to us ( 3. If you request us to delete or remove from publication any photo that you send to us under this competition, that photograph will cease to be eligible for the award of any prize under this competition 4. This is an annual competition. Prizes will be awarded on the 1 December of each year based on all entries submitted in the preceding 12 months. 5. Customers may submit as many photographs as they wish, each different photograph will be eligible to compete for a prize. 6. If multiple similar photos are submitted by the same customer the Company may treat them as a single photograph for the purposes of these rules. 7 Photos submitted for this competition and prize draw in one year may not be re-submitted for competitions and prize draws in later years (this includes photographs submitted by the same customer which are similar to ones submitted in previous years). 8. All customers who submit photos will also be automatically entered into the annual photo prize draw which is for one of the four runner-up prizes, which will take place at the same time as the award of the photo-competition prizes. The company will select at random the name of one of the customers who has submitted photographs for the competition, to be the winner of the Prize Draw. Every customer submitting photos will have an equal chance of his or her name being drawn under the prize draw irrespective of the number of photographs submitted but will not be eligible if he or she has already been awarded one of the other competition prizes. 9. Prize Amounts are stated above and will be paid by cheque made out in the name of the winner. Winners will be notified by email using the email address last provided. Winners must claim their prizes by replying within 21 days to the notification email. All prizes will be sent within 21 days of receiving the winner’s acceptance. Any prizes not claimed within the said 21 days will be forfeited. 10. Employees of Fab Smile Veneers are not eligible to participate in this competition or prize draw. 11. The company reserves the right to close the competition at any time in which case no further prizes will be awarded and no further prize draws will take place. 12. Customers submitting photographs under this competition grant without fee or charge, licence of copyright to the company to freely use and publish on the company’s website and on its public social media accounts, all such photographs. 13. Prizes for best photographs will be awarded by a panel of 2 lay judges or (1 professional photographer) appointed by the company and the judge(s)’ and company’s decisions will be final on all matters relating to this competition and prize draw. 14. Judges may decline to award any prize in any one or more categories if the judges consider that none of the photographs submiotted meet the requisute standard to merit the award of a prize. 15. Bottle of champagne for a bride or groom submitting a photo wearing his or her clip-on veneers at his or her wedding is limited to first 10 weddings in any one year- it must be clear from the photo that it was taken at a bona fide wedding ceremony or celebration and it must have been taken on the day of the legal wedding. 17. Neither the company nor its appointed judge(s) will enter into correspondence regarding decisions to award or not award prizes for best photographs. 18. No photographs must be submitted which are obscene, likely to cause offence or upset, or which contain pornographic content or nudity. 18. By submitting photographs, the customer submitting the photographs agrees these rules. 19. We may amend these rules by posting details of any such rule changes on this webpage, including that we may change the dates prizes are awarded and or we may amalgamate prize categories. 20. In these rules the ‘company’ and the ‘Company’ means Oraltec Ltd of Premier House, 85 Hamilton Street, ATHERTON, M48 0TG.