Pain Free Veneers

Pain free veneers are non-permanent and do not need dental surgery. Our veneers are made in the UK hence a guarantee of quality, safety and reliability. Our in-house laboratory ensures the veneers meet the your unique demands. Comfort is an important factor in our production, thus making them the best in the market. Pain free veneers are crafted with precision and the final detailing is perfect.

Benefits of using Veneers

  • pain free veneersYellow teeth can be covered through our clip on veneers in a white colour.
  • Crooked and stained teeth appear more straightened and cleared of any stains.
  • The use of the veneers is intermittent. An example is in a shoot or during an event. One can wear the veneers then take them out after it is done.
  • Veneer thickness is adjusted in relation to the client’s teeth, which increases comfort.
  • Dental surgery is not needed when wearing the veneers. One does not undergo any surgery to wear the veneer.



3-D Cad Cam technology is utilised to ensure the accuracy of our veneer production. On-lays and crowns on the teeth are well recreated in models from the actual tooth that create the final effect. This helps our team to be effective. Our veneer production methods are time and cost saving since veneer creation is precise to the client’s dental formula. Dental technicians finish off by giving a personalised finish to ensure they are perfect.


A2, A1 and BL1 are the main shades we have, but the elite get a greater range of A2, A1, BL4 A3.5 and BL1. Discounts are present for various shades of veneer when they are purchased at a go.

A3.5 is the ivory, dark shade. People with yellow teeth use this type of shade, and is often used to cover up for missing teeth. A2 is ivory colour but it is light. It has a natural colour shade. A1 is used by most people due to its brightness. People with darker features prefer it since it complements them. BL4 is a shade that is artificial. BL1 is so bright and it is the most attractive in all the shades. A shades are darker than the BL shades.

Our Customers

With over 30 years of experience, our customers’ needs come first. We are dedicated to produce the best veneers to meet every client needs. Our goal is to restore smiles to people’s lives through affordable, pain free veneers.