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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Just an Amazing Smile in 3 Weeks.
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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Get a Natural Or Celebrity Smile
Made in a Top Dental Lab
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Natural Looking Elite Clip On Veneers

Choose the Right Teeth Shade to get a Natural Look

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Get a Natural Smile with our Fabulous Elite Clip On Veneers

Here at Fab Smile Veneers, we can provide a complete range of natural looking veneers in our Elite range. These hard-wearing designs can be used to restore your smile, hide stains or missing teeth and make your daily life more comfortable. No matter what kinds of issues you’re having with your teeth, our high-grade dental materials are the perfect solution for you. Call us on 03333 206 662 with any enquiries or email

Our hard-wearing clip-ons are a great alternative when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry often involves the destruction of perfectly healthy teeth. This can inevitably lead to serious problems later in life, and often cause sensitivity and considerable pain. The Fab Smile Veneers’ team don’t believe that this is the best option. Our clip-on veneers are pain-free, dentist-free and always deliver an incredible smile.

Why Choose Natural Looking Elite Veneers?
Some people don’t like the appearance of white teeth, particularly to the Hollywood standard. In many cases, they can look unnatural and not suit the colour of your skin or the shape of your face. More and more people in the UK are choosing to take advantage of veneers which appear completely natural. Not only are they more convincing, they can also fit in with your other teeth if you don’t decide to take advantage of two sets of veneers.
The natural looking veneers we can create are able to deal with a wide range of dental problems. These can include:
Stained and Yellowing Teeth.
Chipped or Crooked Teeth.
Missing Teeth and Natural Gaps.
Overbites and Underbites.
Choose from Our Complete Range of Veneers

Whether you’re looking for complete veneers or only partial solutions, our team are here for you. We offer two different ranges of clip-ons to suit your needs. These are the Ideal and the Elite ranges. The Elite+ range offers a range of further benefits.

The Ideal Range

The Ideal range of veneers is suited to intermittent use. It is, for example, perfect for occasional use. Most of our customers will choose the Ideal range if they need an even smile for a special occasion or event. Thanks to their high-quality, these designs are not only hard-wearing but are ideal for any event where a great deal of photographs are going to be taken.

Ideal veneers are often used for:
Awards Ceremonies.
Weddings and Receptions.
Birthday Parties.
Photography Shoots.
The Elite Range

Unlike the Ideal veneers, designs from the Elite range are perfect for daily use. They are manufactured from higher-grade materials, meaning that they will deliver a longer and more durable service. The different materials also allow these solutions to be slimmer and ensure a more realistic and comfortable fit in the mouth.

When you choose an Elite+ veneer, you will receive a model which has been designed from sophisticated and precise engineering techniques. We utilise the latest in 3D Cad Cam technology and ensure that each model is hand-finished by one of our experienced dental technicians.

Whether you choose an Ideal or Elite model, we’ll help you to create the perfect veneer for your needs. Your clip-ons will be manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your existing teeth. Using your dental impression, we will ensure that the veneers we provide are a perfect and comfortable fit for your mouth.

Where are the Veneers made?

All Clip On Veneer products are made in our high tech manufacturing suite in our Prem Plus Dental Lab nominated for Best Dental Lab in 2019

A Variety of Colours and Shades to Suit Your Preferences
Our professional team are able to deliver a range of veneer shades. They are ordered alpha-numerically, depending on their colour and shade. The available options include:
A1 Teeth Range
A1 is the most popular shade of veneer. It is the brightest tooth colour without looking unnatural. In many cases, it will look as though you have undergone a professional tooth-whitening procedure.
The A1 Teeth Shade is available in the Ideal and Elite Clip On Veneers ranges.
A2 Teeth Shade
This is a natural, but still light shade for your clip-on veneers. This is another popular choice for those who don’t want to change the shade of their teeth too much.
The A2 Teeth Shade is available in the Ideal and Elite Clip On Veneer ranges.
BL1 Teeth Shade
This is the brightest of all shades. This dazzling, super-white is the kind of smile you’ll be more likely to find in Hollywood.
The BL1 Teeth Shade is available in the Ideal and Elite Clip On Veneer ranges.
BL4 Teeth Shade
This shade is still unnaturally bright, but not as bright as BL1. This is a bleached shade which looks more natural than the brighter alternative.
The BL4 Teeth Shade is available in the Elite Clip On Veneer range only.

See Teeth Shade Guide

Whether you’re looking for total or partial natural looking veneers, get in touch with our team today.

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