Taking the Right Impression for Your Snap on Smile Veneers

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but sometimes that means getting veneers. The process of fitting permanent veneers can be quite overwhelming for some people. Therefore, a temporary solution is a great idea for some people.

snap on smile Snap on smile veneers give you a sparkling smile, and you can take it out anytime. Also, your missing teeth, stains, and gaps will be well hidden. For the technicians to make a perfectly fitting snap on veneer, a mould of your teeth is used. Therefore, you need to prepare an impression of your teeth after ordering your clip-on veneers.

Here are some tips that will help you make a perfect impression.

Round up the Essential Requirements

At Fab Smile Veneers, our technicians, who make temporary veneers, will send you an impression kit. The kit has dental putty, the impression catalyst, a lower tray, and an upper tray. You also need a mirror and a stopwatch. A watch will assist you in monitoring time which is really important, while the mirror helps for taking a perfect impression.

Practice Using the Trays

Before you start the process, try fitting the trays on your teeth. A small or large tray will not produce a perfect mould. Therefore, if you are in doubt, you should seek clarification first. The sides of the tray must not touch your teeth.

Mix the Putty and Impression Catalyst

Wash your hands and then quickly and thoroughly mix the putty and the impression catalyst (its all in the hand action). The putty should be a uniform colour once mixed properly. Mixing it must NOT take no longer than 30 seconds, if mixed quickly the putty will have formed a single colour. During mixing, do not use gloves. Putty reacts better when mixed on bare skin. Apart from putty, there are cheaper powder impression materials. However, they can be messy and may not survive the posting process, so we do not use them ourselves.

In hot weather, consider placing the putty in a refrigerator for 5 minutes before using it.

Place the Putty on the Impression Tray

Roll the putty into a sausage-like shape before laying it on the tray. Ensure the putty covers the edges of the tray for a better grip and preventing distortion. However, you should do this within a minute; otherwise, the putty will be hard.

Put the Tray in Your Mouth

With the help of a mirror, align the tray so that your teeth stay in the middle. Then push the tray straight up to take the impression. get your teeth as deep as possible into the putty- we are looking for the putty to ooze over your gum line, but your teeth should not contact the base of the tray.

Avoid moving the tray once you have made the impression. Dont try to talk whilst the tray is in your mouth. This is important as otherwise may get a double or a wrong (dragged) impression.

Remove the Tray

After three and half minutes, you can gently remove the tray from your mouth and repeat the same procedure for the other tray.

With the perfect impression, Fab Smile Veneers can create a high-quality snap on smile veneer that will brighten your smile.