You have invested a lot of money in transforming your smile- so we strongly recommend you keep your veneers looking and smelling as clean as when you first got them. This is important not just for aesthetic reasons, but for health reasons too because If you do not clean your veneers, over time, a bio-film of fungus and bacteria will develop on the surface of your veneers.

To help keep your veneers sparklingly clean we included a complimentary Nitradine® cleaning tablet when we sent you your veneers, and now you can buy regular supplies of cleaning product straight from our website.

We strongly recommend Nitradine® because of its tested and proven superior cleaning ability:

  • Bactericidal in only 15 minutes to standard ISO 13727
  • Yeasticidal  in only 15 minutes to standard ISO 13624
  • Virucidal within an hour to standard ISO 14476 +A1

We have added a variety of veneer cleaning products to our website, all at unbeatable prices including:

  • Patented and scientifically proven Nitradine® Tablets (pack of 20) £9.95
  • Nitradine® Shine Cleaning Paste non-abrasive and specially formulated to polish your veneers and remove harmful biofilm (pack of 2) £14.00
  • Combination Pack of 20 Nitradine® Tablets plus Sili-Sensi Dental Appliance Brush – brush-head made from high quality non-abrasive silicone rubber £15.95

All prices include VAT and postage.

Click here for instructions about using Nitradine® tablets.

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Notes: Nitradine® is made in Switzerland and is the registered trademark of bonyf AG

Clinically proven NitrAdine disinfectant tablets only £9.95 with FREE POSTAGE

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