What is the Difference Between Ideal Veneers and Elite Veneers?

If you find yourself hiding your smile, veneers can help restore your confidence. Permanent veneers are costly and involve several visits to the dentist, but clip-on veneers offer an affordable and straightforward solution. There are a couple of clip-on veneers to choose between, so what is the difference between our Ideal veneers and Elite veneers and which one is the best?

Ideal Veneers

Elite veneersLower in price and easier on the wallet, Ideal veneers are designed for infrequent use. Perfect for occasions when you want to look your best, they temporarily make the most of your smile. If you’re having your photo taken, going to a special event or just want to give yourself a boost, these are the veneers to pick.

Ideal veneers are made from erkodur, a high-grade material used in dental and medical procedures. There are 3 shades of veneer in the Ideal range, A1, A2 and BL1. The first of these and the last shades are the most popular by far. BL1 is a dazzling white hue for a Hollywood glamour look, A1 is less bright but a more natural looking shade.

Elite Veneers

The Elite veneers range is a higher quality veneer designed for daily use. They are slim-line and created with just a 275 to 400-micron thickness. Precisely engineered with a superior finish, 3D Cad Cam technology is used to create durable veneers that are long lasting. Our highly trained and experienced technicians hand finish the sets with natural detailing for the perfect set.

Elite veneers are made using acetyl resin, a material known for its wear resistance and colour consistency. With 5 shades to choose between, you can get a perfect match for the look you want. The range offers A1, A2, A3.5, BL1 and BL4 giving you the choice of a dazzling white to a natural yellow shade.

Elite Versus Ideal Veneers

Elite is a superior product, but these veneers cost a little more. If you only want to wear veneers occasionally, then Ideal is perhaps may be the better choice for the cost-conscious customer. Both brands have been tested for safety and are professionally manufactured to the highest quality from high quality dental grade materials. They will improve the appearance of your teeth, from brightening the shade, to filling gaps and correcting cosmetic imperfections. You can purchase for either upper or lower arches, or the complete set for both. No matter which veneers you opt for, the visit-free process is the same – simply place an order online with Fab Smile and we will take care of the rest. Order online today to start your journey to a brighter, better smile!