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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Just an Amazing Smile in 3 Weeks.
Shop Online - Prices from £249.
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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Get a Natural Or Celebrity Smile
Made in a Top Dental Lab
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Ideal Clip On Veneers

Made in a Top Dental Lab in Manchester from your Teeth Impressions

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Ideal Veneers

A smile expresses how you feel. It also shapes your image to the people you meet daily. That smile you flash on a first date or when trying to convince a client matters a lot. Yet, lovely smiles don’t come to everyone naturally. Dental issues like missing, discoloured, chipped and stained teeth can ruin your smile to a considerable extent. But, we have the right aesthetic solution for such problems – the Ideal range of clip-on veneers. At Fab Smile Veneers, everyone deserves a beautiful smile. So, we make our Ideal veneers affordable.

“The Ideal Clip On Veneers are available in 3 different Teeth Shades from Natural Teeth Colours to a Super Bright Celebrity White”
Why chose our Ideal clip-on veneers?

The reason is their simplicity. Traditional veneers are expensive to produce and install. Temporary veneers offer the advantage of affordability. They don’t cost too much to craft, and their fitting is non-surgical. You do away with the costs of consultations and dental services. We make our dental veneers from quality materials to make sure that clients have the best aesthetic solutions. Our technicians use the latest techniques to create tailored veneers that suit the unique smiles of customers. We create veneers that align with the size and shape of your teeth to give you a smile that complements your face.

Achieve a Natural Smile
Our Ideal line of veneers comes in different shades to help clients get what works for them best. A1, A2 and BL1 are the colour choices in this range. See Teeth Shade Guide
Achieve a Celebrity or Hollywood Smile
If you prefer the brightest veneers, BL1 is it, but if you want a natural look, A1 and A2 are most suitable. See Teeth Shade Guide
Can I get Clip On Veneers that match my existing Teeth Colour?
You can get Clip On Veneers that match your teeth, especially when you only need to fit one or two.

Check out our Teeth Shade Guide to see how your veneers would look. Ask for our expert opinions if you are unclear about the right colour for you.

Our Ideal Clip On veneers are perfect for sprucing up your smile for a special day. Whether you intend to attend a wedding or give a career-making presentation, our veneers can give you the confidence you need.

Fab Smile Veneers should be your number one choice for clip-on dental veneers. We maintain high standards when creating our products. Also, our competitive prices make our veneers practical for a lot of people who need cosmetic solutions. Financing options are available as well. Contact us for the most suitable plan.

Where are the Elite Clip On Veneers made?

All Fab Smile Elite Clip On Veneer products are made in our state of the art manufacturing suite in our Prem Plus Dental Lab based in the heart of Manchester. We are proud to say that our dental lab Prem Plus Dental was nominated for Best Dental Lab in the UK in 2019. We have invested over £50,000 in the latest hi-tech equipment and technology and use the latest 3D CAD Cam system which is used in all the finest dental labs across Europe to create your brand new smile. Our expert team of dental technicians have over 35 years of experience in the dental industry and we believe we create the finest Clip On Veneer products in the United Kingdom.

How many teeth do Ideal Clip On Veneers cover?

Our Clip On Veneers cover the top 10 front teeth and the bottom 10 front teeth giving you the perfect smile makover.

Prices for Ideal Clip On Veneers

Upper or Lower £249

Upper And Lower £399

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For affordable clip-on veneers that offer a natural and pretty smile, consider our Ideal veneers. Contact our our friendly team on 03333 206662 (9am to 3 pm) or email We would be happy to assist you.
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