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The Perfect Smile Everytime
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How to do your Teeth Impressions

See how easy it is to do your Teeth Impressions at home

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How to create your Teeth Impressions at home – a complete guide

By Fab Smile team

What are Teeth Impressions?

Teeth Impressions are a mould of your teeth commonly used by dental professionals when creating dental products such as Clip On Veneers, Crowns, Dental implants and Bridges. They are created using two types of Dental Putty which when mixed together and placed in trays in your mouth, can create a perfect mould of your teeth.

Why are Teeth Impressions so important in getting my new smile?

Because they allow you to create an exact mould of your upper teeth and lower teeth so we can create the perfect fitting Clip On Veneer products for you.

When will you send me my Teeth Impressions kit?

As soon as you place your order on our website for your Clip On Veneers  we will send you your free Teeth Impressions kit with full easy to follow instructions. If you have any problems creating your Teeth Impressions we offer free video and phone calls with our team to help create the perfect impressions. Also included will be a free returns label so you can send the completed Teeth Impressions back to us.

Getting ready to create your Teeth Impressions at home

Firstly we recommend that you get everything you will need in front of you including a mobile phone to time yourself as the putty has to harden at the right time and you will also need to take some photos of your completed teeth impressions to send us so that we can verify they have been done successfully.

Finally wash your hands thoroughly and brush your teeth.

Once you place your order you will receive a free Teeth Impressions Kit which will include:
  • Teeth Impressions Putty and Mouth Trays
  • Full easy to follow instructions
  • Free Returns label to send them back to us
Preparing the trays – Mixing the two Dental Putties together

The first important step is to prepare the putty included in the kit so you can create your Teeth Impressions. This is done by mixing the white putty with the coloured one together. As you start mixing the putties they will start to harden. The whole process should take about 30 to 60 seconds and certainly no more than a minute.

Place the mixed Putty in the trays

Once the two putties have been successfully mixed together there should be no streaks in the mixture. You then take the mixed putty and roll into a sausage shape that is big enough to cover the entire tray. Once you have done this you have to place it in the teeth impression trays. Placing the mixed putty into the trays should take about 15 seconds.

Creating your Teeth Impressions

You are now ready to create your Teeth Impressions. Place the tray in your mouth and then use your fingers to press the tray into your upper or lower teeth. Make sure that the mixed putty reaches your gums. This is very important as it allows us to get a clear  impression of your gum line and your teeth too and this is important when creating the perfect fitting veneers.

Once you pressed the tray into place leave it for 4 minutes 30 seconds before removing it. When you take the tray out make sure you pull it straight off leaving the completed Teeth Impression in the tray. You should then repeat the process as instructed in the guide so that you complete all the impressions requested.

Important things to remember:

  1. Make sure the two Dental Putties are mixed so there are no streaks

  2. Cover the entire tray with the mixed Dental Putty

  3. Press the mixed Dental Putty evenly into the tray

  4. Capture all the teeth including the molars up to the gum line.

  5. Remember to only press once to create your Teeth Impression

  6. Don’t remove the trays too early. Leave for 4 minutes and 30 seconds each time.


Once you have followed all the instructions and created all the Teeth Impressions requested then take some photos of the completed Teeth Impressions and send them to Fab Smile Veneers either via Facebook or and label the email: Completed Teeth Impressions with your name.

Once your Teeth Impressions have been approved we will ask you to return them to us using the Pre-Paid postage label. We will then begin the process of creating your brand new smile in one of the Top Dental Labs in Manchester our Prem Plus Dental Lab facility which was nominated for Best Dental Lab in the UK in 2019.

Need help creating your Teeth Impressions?

We offer free Video calls or Phone calls with one of your Dental Technicians who will offer expert advice and guide you to create the perfect impressions.

Email us: or Telephone: 03333 206662 (Monday to Friday – 9 am to 3 pm)

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“Absolutely Amazing Service”

“Absolutely amazing service and highly professional! I literally couldn’t live without my Clip In Veneers! Thank you Fab Smile Veneers for giving me that perfect confident smile I’ve always wanted.”

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