A brief explanation about clip-on veneers.

Clip-on veneers are also known as temporary veneers. The clip-on veneers are a choice for those desiring an enhanced smiles, for example due to reasons like accidents, genetics, lifestyle choices etc. They have become more popular compared to permanent veneers.

Clip on teeth veneers Clip-on veneers are made of a dental grade polymer material that clips over natural teeth, covering up the front surfaces of all of your teeth to bring about that desired final look. Their users can easily wear and remove them at their own comfort.

Benefits of choosing Fab Smile Veneers

  • The process of getting clip on teeth veneers is simple, common and pain-free, unlike for permanent veneers where the teeth have to be remodelled.
  • They are also more pocket friendly since no dental appointment is required to fit them or any insurance information required. You only need to contact the fabsmile team for them to design your clip on veneers that fit you perfectly and give a natural look.
  • Fabsmile veneers come in two varieties; the most basic ( Ideal package)- gives three shades options, and the highest quality (Elite) package-you get a choice of five shades at a higher cost and with a higher grade, thinner resin based material which is harder wearing. However, both packages are of good quality and do not require a dentist visit to fit the veneers. You get to choose according to your budget and receive help from our style experts and design technicians who ensures you end up with the smile you deserve.

How long do clip-on veneers last?

The care given will determine the clip-on veneers’ lasting period. If well taken care of, they can last for some years. To achieve this, you can use the below guidelines.

  • Avoid using a lot of force when grinding, biting, or chewing food. You can choose to remove them when having hard foods such as ice or hard fruits like apples. This will prevent them from fracturing.
  • Remove your clip-on veneers before going to bed and clean them daily with a soft brush and gentle soap to maintain their brightness and shine.
  • For our Ideal veneers, avoid taking scorching drinks when you have them on.
  • When not using the veneers keep them in the case we provide, that why you minimise damage caused by sunlight, as well as reducing the  risk of losing them, or putting things on them which could cause damage.

When to use clip-on veneers

Below are some situations when persons decide to use clip-on teeth veneers.

  • They are a great cover-up for teeth gaps and missing teeth.
  • They are a great way to achieve a better smile by covering stained teeth.
  • Clip-on veneers make the teeth look more regular , which can help people cosmetically with short, small or uneven teeth.

However its important to note getting clip-on veneers is not meant to be a substiute for getting regular dental appointments for check-ups and treatment. Its also important to look after your natural teeth and keep up with normal dental hygiene procedures.