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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Just an Amazing Smile in 3 Weeks.
Shop Online - Prices from £249.
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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Get a Natural Or Celebrity Smile
Made in a Top Dental Lab
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Hollywood Smile – Elite Clip On Veneers

Choose the Right Teeth Shade to get a Natural Look



Get a superb Hollywood Smile – At a price you can afford

More and more people in the UK, particularly actors, musicians and those in the public eye, are choosing to take advantage of Hollywood smile veneers.

Getting that perfect Hollywood smile is extremely difficult. All it takes is one imperfection, or even a small amount of yellowing, to ruin an otherwise perfect set of teeth. If you’re looking for a practical alternative to composite veneers and cosmetic dentistry with minimal tooth preparation get in touch with our experienced team today on 03333 206662 or via email at

Our experienced team of teeth veneer manufacturers, designers and fitters can create the perfect model to suit your needs. There are few dentistry issues which can prevent you from taking advantage of a comfortable veneer. Unlike cosmetic dentistry, which usually involves the destruction of healthy teeth, veneers are a perfectly safe and comfortable solution. When you choose to take advantage of veneers to get the Hollywood smile, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary dental work, sensitivity and tooth pain. Our clip-on veneers are dentist-free, pain-free and perfect for users of any age. No cosmetic surgery is required or any unnecessary dental treatments.

“Unlike a porcelain veneer set which permanently fits over your teeth, our Hollywood smile veneers are easily removable, whenever you need to do so”

These teeth veneers are designed to allow you to take control of your smile and will look as though you have been using teeth whitening treatments or have been professionally fitted with veneers. Whether you have an important event, party coming up or office meeting which you want to look your best for, we can help.

To find out more about Hollywood smile veneers and to get your quote for the treatment, please contact our friendly dentist team. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. Call 03333 206662 today!

Why Choose Hollywood Smile Veneers?

If you’ve ever been amazed by the smiles of celebrities, actors and musicians and wished you could have the same thing then our Hollywood smile veneers are just for you. Most celebrities rely on comfortable veneers to improve the appearance of their front teeth. Hollywood smile veneers find the balance between natural and unnatural whiteness. Thanks to their professional shaping and design, they can be used to create a breath-taking smile.

High-quality Elite veneers from Fab Smile are the perfect solution for anyone looking to:
“Disguise stained or discoloured teeth.
Cover and protect any worn or chipped teeth. Close gaps in teeth. Improve the appearance of low, or uneven gum-lines.
Resolve problems with teeth movement or overcrowding.

Get a Hollywood smile makeover

Do Hollywood Veneers Require any Dental Work?

No, not at all! Unlike dental veneers, clip-on veneers do not involve any dental work to your natural teeth. No dental implants, cosmetic surgery or tooth whitening needed. With our Hollywood smile veneers, you can avoid the need for Orthodontic treatment and dental surgery. Aesthetic dentistry can be expensive, painful and invasive. With our veneers, you can improve your smile without the need for any dental work!

What are the Main Advantages of Hollywood Smile Veneers?

When you choose to improve your smile with high-quality Elite Hollywood veneers, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits.

These can include:
A Long-Lasting Smile Makeover Solution

Depending on the style you choose, and the regularity with which you wear it, your veneers can last years.


Unlike natural teeth, Hollywood smile veneers are resistant to a variety of staining effects. As such, you’ll be able to smoke, drink coffee, tea and red wine without worrying about their staining effects.

Create the Appearance You Desire

Whether you’re looking for a subtle veneer or a bold Hollywood smile, these solutions are ideal. You can choose a model to match your existing teeth, or create a truly stunning smile, guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention.

Choose from a Wide Range of Hollywood Smile Veneers Styles and Colours
Here at Fab Smile, we can help you to create your perfect smile. Whether you’re looking for a complete veneer, or only a partial clip-on, our team are here for you. Our team can provide two different kinds of clip-ons for your Hollywood smile makeover, which are:

The Elite Range – These designs are perfect for daily use. They are manufactured from higher-quality materials. Thanks to this, they are more durable and can be used daily. They are often slimmer and fit more comfortably in the mouth. An Elite clip-on will be hand-finished by one of our dental technicians to ensure a stunning and practical appearance.

The Ideal Range – These clip-ons are perfect for intermittent use. For example, they are commonly used for special events or photography shoots. Some of the events they are used for can include:

Awards Ceremonies.
Weddings and Receptions.
Birthday Parties.
Create a Stunning Hollywood Smile
Most veneers designed to give you a Hollywood smile are either BL1 or BL4. These are the brightest shades available. BL1 is a stunning, super-white which is the most common kind of smile you’re likely to find in Hollywood. BL4, by comparison, is a little more natural looking while still delivering a dazzling smile.

A1 is the most popular colour of clip-on veneer that we create. These solutions look like you’ve undergone regular cosmetic dentistry and whitening. If you want to create a stunning celebrity Hollywood smile, without undergoing hours of expensive and painful cosmetic dentistry, then these are the smile makeover solutions for you.

Prefer to ORDER and PAY over the Telephone INSTEAD? Book your FREE SALES CALL here: Email:

Or call: 03333 206662 (Monday to Friday – 9 am to 3 pm) Please leave a message if we are busy

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