Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the regular questions we are asked about at Fab Smile Veneers but if you can’t find what you looking for feel free to contact us with any queries or advice you may need and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Call our temporary veneers specialists on 03333 206 662 or email

How does it work?
Once you place your order online we will then send out your impression kit.

After carefully following the instructions post back your impressions to us.

We will then send to our production department and you will receive your veneers usually within 14-21 days.

Do I have to visit a dentist?
No dentist is required and it is pain free.

However if you struggle to take your impressions you may be able to ask your dentist to take them for you.

Can I eat or drink with them in?
Yes, absolutely. Whatever feels comfortable for you. Keep in mind they will last longer by looking after them. Accidental damage could occur through eating (for example hard sweets etc.) which we cannot be responsible for.
What material are they made from?
They are made from a safe dental bio compatible grade material supplied by highly reputable leading manufacturers of dental technology materials. Our Ideal veneers are made from erkodur which is a special copolyester used for the manufacture of dental moulded appliances. Our Elite veneers are made from acetyl resin. Both materials are safe tried and tested materials used for a range of dental applications.
What if my impressions aren’t suitable?
If you are unsure if it’s correct you can send us a photo for us to check and then if needed some advice as there is extra putty included for another attempt. We will always work with our customers until we have a suitable impression.
What is the difference between Ideal and Elite+?
Elite+ is made of a higher grade more durable material.

It has more enhanced natural detailing along with the very latest in digital milled engineering processes.