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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Just an Amazing Smile in 3 Weeks.
Shop Online - Prices from £249.
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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Get a Natural Or Celebrity Smile
Made in a Top Dental Lab
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Elite Clip On Veneers

Made in a Top Dental Lab in Manchester from your Teeth Impressions

No Dentists. No Pain – Superb Quality Dental Veneers


Elite Veneers

Why choose our Elite Clip On Veneers?

All our stunning Elite Clip On Veneer products are made using more sophisticated and precise engineering techniques and with the latest 3-D Cad Cam technology. Each set of veneers is hand-finished by one of our dental technicians until they are absolutely perfect.

“Our Elite Clip On Veneers are perfect for any age and are available in 4 different Teeth Shades from Natural Teeth Colours to a Super bright Celebrity Whites”

All our Elite Clip On Veneer products (like our Ideal veneers) are created from the customers own Teeth Impressions (these are a dental mold of the customers own teeth using dental putty) so not only do you get perfect fitting Clip On Veneers every time but you also get brilliant quality veneers as well.

How thick are the Elite Clip On Veneers?

Our Elite product uses higher grade materials to give a more durable and better finished and more slim-line product. Thickness matters when it comes to dental veneers! Depending on the state of the customer’s existing teeth, we normally make our Elite veneers to a thickness of around 0.3 mm.

How many teeth do the Elite Veneers cover?

Our Elite veneers cover the top 10 front teeth and the bottom 10 front teeth.

Elite Clip On Veneers are best suited for everyday use

Elite veneers are best suited for everyday use. You can also eat and drink while wearing our Elite Clip On Veneers though we do not recommend eating hard foods like steak. Please contact us to ask about what foods and drinks can be eaten while wearing our Elite veneers.

What Teeth Shades are available in the Elite Clip On Veneers range?
For Elite veneers, you can choose from 4 different shades: A1, A2, BL1 and BL4. See Teeth Shade Guide
High-quality Elite veneers from Fab Smile are the perfect solution for anyone looking to:
Disguise stained or discoloured teeth.
Cover and protect any worn or chipped teeth.
Close gaps in teeth.
Improve the appearance of low, or uneven gum-lines.
Resolve problems with teeth movement or overcrowding.
Get a Hollywood smile makeover

Here at Fab Smile, our team can deliver a complete range of clip-on veneers. We can create a set of teeth veneers which comfortably sits in your mouth. Our dazzlingly white designs are perfect if you want to get a smile just like your favourite actor, musician or celebrity. You can also choose are more natural looking Teeth shade the choice is yours! Whether you’re looking for a set of clip-on Hollywood smile veneers to use daily, or just for special occasions, get in touch with our team today.

Where are the Elite Clip On Veneers made?

All Fab Smile Elite Clip On Veneer products are made in our state of the art manufacturing suite in our Prem Plus Dental Lab based in the heart of Manchester. We are proud to say that our dental lab Prem Plus Dental was nominated for Best Dental Lab in the UK in 2019. We have invested over £50,000 in the latest hi-tech equipment and technology and use the latest 3D CAD Cam system which is used in all the finest dental labs across Europe to create your brand new smile. Our expert team of dental technicians have over 35 years of experience in the dental industry and we believe we create the finest Clip On Veneer products in the United Kingdom.

Order a spare set of Clip On Veneers at a heavily discounted price

When you order one of our veneers at Fab Smile, you can also purchase an extra (spare) set at a heavily discounted price. This is great if you want to try more than one shade.

Looking to Transform your smile? Contact Fab Smile today
For affordable clip-on veneers that offer a natural and pretty smile, consider our Elite veneers. 
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Elite Clip On Veneer prices:

Upper or Lower: £418

Upper And Lower: £637.50

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