Eating With Removable Veneers | Fab Smile Veneers
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At Fab Smile Veneers we specialise in clip-on veneers. Some people choose our removable veneers even over permanent veneers. They are more affordable, pain-free and you don’t need a consultation with a dentist. However for dental advice about appropriate treatments, you should always see your dentist.

Removable veneersOne thing we get asked by many of our customers all the time is, ‘Can I eat while wearing my removable veneers?’ The answer is yes and no.

Some customers prefer not to eat while wearing removable veneers as they feel it could impact the quality of your experience over time or cause the veneers to wear out quicker, this is especially a consideration for our Ideal range. It may also feel like a strange sensation at first as it may feel different to how you normally feel eating without them.

Choosing to eat with clip on veneers

If you do choose to eat while wearing your veneers we suggest you avoid certain foods. Things like meat, chewing gum, chewing hard foods etc require extensive chewing or crunching and therefore are not ideal especially in the early stages of wearing your veneers. Essentially anything that requires more effort to eat, so avoid anything hard or chewy as a simple rule.

In addition to these foods, some customers prefer to avoid anything that may result in staining. Drinks in particular sometimes have strong pigments. Coffee, tea, red wine could stain your teeth, needing them to be cleaned afterwards, so you may wish to stick to water and other clear drinks for a brighter smile.

Softer foods are a better choice as they impact the veneers less. Anything with a smooth texture such as mash potato, eggs or soft bread would be a good choice. These types of foods also often have lighter colours which do not stain so choosing food groups that are white or yellow is a useful rule to remember.

Keeping your veneers clean

While these softer foods are a safer option if you are eating with clip-on veneers there are some things you will need to keep in mind. Food can become stuck between your veneers and your teeth while eating. Just like getting food stuck in your actual teeth it can break down and decay-causing issues in your mouth and ultimately shorten the life of the veneers.

This can be managed by making sure you have a good routine in place to clean your teeth and veneers regularly with particular attention after mealtimes.

If you would like a cosmetic solution to issues such as discoloured, chipped or crooked teeth or you have any other questions about Fab Smile Veneers then get in touch with us on 03333 206662 to start your order or email . However for dental advise and treatment regarding these issues or any other dental issues, you should always consult your dentist.