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For a large percentage of the population, coming up with the funds to undergo a large scale cosmetic procedure just isn’t feasible. Permanent fixes to smiles cost just as much as you expect them to and for these reasons, lots of us are turning to other solutions and alternatives to achieve a similar outcome. One such alternative solution which definitely produces a great outcome for many people is that of removable veneers.


removable veneers

                       Removable veneers


If you have not considered this as an option for yourself before, then we are here to encourage you to consider it! Without further ado, here are some of the best reasons why you should consider clip-on veneers.

Natural Look And Feel

Removable veneers are expertly moulded to your own teeth and all of the various contours and shape differences that they might possess, and as a result, you are left with a set of veneers that should fit perfectly in your mouth and after a short period to get used to them, they should feel quite natural when wearing them. Not only do they feel natural, but our Elite veneers also look it too. When done properly, it is often almost impossible for others to tell the difference between real teeth and veneers.

Increased Self Confidence

For many people, crooked or missing teeth can be a big downside when it comes to self-confidence and satisfaction in appearance. Thanks to clip-on veneers, you can give yourself an instant perfect smile, which will in turn might even help to boost your self-confidence. Some of our satisfied customers even tell us that this self-confidence then has the power to spread throughout your entire personality and social life making you an all-round happier person.

No Drilling Required

One of the best things about removable veneers is the fact that you are not required to undergo any dental surgery in order to obtain them. The vast majority of the fitting process is achieved through making a mould of your upper and lower teeth sets, and once complete your veneers will clip on and clasp to your teeth in a really natural way without the need of drilled holes or filing down.

No Extra Maintenance

There is no real extra maintenance that needs to be done on your part when wearing clip-on veneers. All you need to do is keep brushing twice daily along with flossing, and your mouth will remain in a healthy condition to receive and wear the veneers without any problems. You should also keep the veneers themselves clean. We do also need to stress that clip-on veneers should not be seen as an alternative to getting regular dental check-ups and treatment from your dentist.



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