Common Names for Removable Veneers | Fab Smile Veneers
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Veneers are popular solutions for various dental issues such as crooked, severely discoloured and chipped teeth. They are alternative teeth to display, our Elite veneers are made from composite resin.

removable veneersSince our Elite veneers look just like real teeth, they are great at improving the smile. Removable veneers are temporary alternatives to the more traditional permanent veneers. With these veneers, you can fit and remove them whenever you wish. Unlike permanent veneers, the removable type doesn’t require any modifications to the teeth for fitting. If you are looking to get removable veneers, learn a few fundamentals about them, including their different names.

Various Names for Removable Veneers

  • Snap-on – This is one of the common names used for removable dental veneers. As the customer fits the shells over the teeth, they release a snapping sound, hence the name.
  • Slip-on/clip-on/clip-in – Rather than bonding the veneers with the teeth, you can slip the veneers on and off when you want.
  • Instant veneers – It’s because they don’t take a lot of time to create, based from a mould.
  • Temporary veneers – They can come off whenever you wish.

Why Snap-on Veneers?

Temporary veneers have become popular over the years thanks to the few advantages they have. For one, they cost significantly less than permanent veneers. The cost of making veneers and fitting them can get very high when it comes to traditional veneers. On the other hand, removable veneers take a fraction of the work and use different materials. Therefore, you can get your perfect smile without going bankrupt.

Clip-on veneers are not invasive. With the permanent variety, the dentist has to inject the teeth and may have to make a few adjustments of the gum to ensure that they fit. You don’t have to undergo this process when putting on instant veneers.

If you are hoping to get teeth veneers in the future, snap-ons may well be a good solution. See what it feels and look like to have veneers.

Removable veneers can help you restore your beautiful smile without spending too much time or money. Fab Smile Veneers is one place you can consider for high-quality veneers, for maximum durability and excellent performance choose Fab Smile Elite. You deal with technicians, so any fear of the dentist’s office shouldn’t worry you. We will get you the perfect smile with superior veneers at reasonable rates. Get fuss-free clip-on veneers and restore that brilliant smile.