Clip On Veneers FAQs

Here are some of our most frquently asked questions on our clip on veneers product which we are often asked about. Click on each question below to see our responses.

Are Clip On Veneers Any Good?

Clip on veneers are a great option for a quick, easy way to have a brighter, more even smile without the invasive process of getting natural veneers made. It is important to note that these clips can show through your teeth when candid photos are taken of you at an angle such as over dinner or dessert, giving you a healthy-looking, Hollywood smile! These types of clip in veneers are also great for those wanting to correct alignment or bite issues that create a discrepancy in their smiles. 

What Are The Benefits of Hollywood Smile Clip On Veneers?

Want whiter, brighter and pearly teeth? A Hollywood smile for some is worth more than a thousand words. There are numerous benefits of having a smile you can be proud of. Our clip in veneers are designed to provide you with a better smile, meaning you can have a smile which can be put in when needed for any special event or occasion or for regular use with our Elite veneers.

Hollywood smile veneersHere are some of the main benefits of our clip in Hollywood smile veneers:

  • Great looking – Suitable for any special occasion you may have coming up, our clip in veneers offer a true Hollywood smile which is natural looking, helping you create the appearance you desire.
  • Resistant from stains – These temporary veneers mean you don’t have to worry about getting any stains on your teeth which may be sometimes caused by smoking or drinking.
  • Long-lasting – Our stunning new dental veneers are designed to look as new, each time they are used, they are generally resistent to most types staining.

You may be attending a wedding, have a new job interview or just want to improve your teeth’s appearance in general. This is where our Hollywood smile clip on veneers may be the solution for you, delivering a smile which dazzles!

There are many performers and artists who choose clip in veneers to create their on-show look when it comes to a shiny, white Hollywood smile. The magic happens with these temporary clip on veneers. They offer a realistic, pain-free solution for an improved smile.

You can find out more about our range of veneers at Fab Smile Veneers by reading our guide and FAQ information as well as how to order your Hollywood smile veneers online from us. You can also contact our technicians for any assistance on 03333 206662 or email with any queries.

How Are Clip On Veneers Made?

If you have been looking for the best non-dental alternative to improve the looks of your teeth, then press on veneers are for you. Even as you consider this solution, you should ensure that your veneers are professionally designed to fit you well. They are a possible solution for individuals looking to hide the imperfection they might have in how their smile looks

press on veneersWhat Are Clip on Veneers?

Clip-on-veneers are products that you fit around and over your natural teeth. People use them to enhance the cosmetic look of their teeth. Veneers make your teeth look straighter and whiter. Compared to traditional, permanent veneers, these are easy to get and they are also cost-effective.

Process of Making Press on Veneers

These press on veneers are are easy to use and should not cause any adverse side effects although you may need a little time to get used to wearing them.

Once you have provided your technician with the mould, we process the whole thing. Traditional veneers are made from two materials, which are dental porcelain and composite. However, the snap-on veneers are made from resin or polymer, which is a readily available, dental-safe material, which helps make them easily affordable.

Once we have your impression we use it to make a physical 3D model replica of your teeth. This model is then checked to make sure it looks good enough to make your veneers. If it is we use the physical model to make a virtual model of your teeth and we then use advanced manipulation software to design any desired changes to the appearance of your teeth and we use this redesigned model, to manufacture your veneer. Once the veneers have been made, which can take up to 3 weeks from when we first receive your impressions, we quality checked the finished appearance and test the fit of the new veneers on the original model of your teeth – we only send the veneers out to you if we are happy with the finished result.

Once your veneers are ready, your technician will inform you so that you can pick them or we can deliver them to you. When you get your new veneers you will need to make sure they fit correctly, if not just contact us and we will be happy to resolve the problem.

The process of making your new veneers should only last between around three weeks.

You are advised to have your veneers made only by highly experienced technicians, like the technicians who work for us, so that you only get veneers of the best quality.

Clip on veneers is an affordable solution for those who would like to have better looking teeth. Reach out to one of the best companies, and they will ensure that your veneers are ready on time.

Please note clip-in veneers are not an alternative to regular check-ups with your dentist, and you should always follow your dentists advice about any dental treatment you need.

How Long Do Temporary Veneers Last?

If well taken care of, clip-on veneers can last for several years. Below are a few tips you can follow.

  • Ensure that you do not use a lot of force to bite, grind and chew food. You are also advised to remove the clip on veneers if the food you are eating is too chewy or hard. Removing them before eating foods like uncooked carrots and hard sweets ensures they do not fracture.
  • With our base-line Ideal veneers you should avoid taking exceedingly hot drinks.
  • Ensure that you remove your clip-on at night and clean them using a toothbrush with soft bristles or a cleaning tablet. This ensures that they remain clean and maintain their glow.
When Can Clip-Ons Be Used?

Some situations described below make people opt to use temporary veneers.

Clip-on veneers are a perfect way to achieve a perfect smile. They can also be used to cover stained teeth, instead of undergoing teeth bleaching.

Temporary veneers are also a great cover-up for missing teeth and teeth gaps, but there is a limitation on the number of missing teeth / gap-size one can have for getting a clip-on veneer.

People that have short and small teeth can opt to use clip-on veneers since they can make their teeth appear longer and bigger if so desired.

Of course if you are interested in exploring the option of permanent veneers you should consult your dentist or a dentist specialising in the procedure for advice. We also say that temporary (clip-in veneers) should never be regarded as an alternative to have regular dental check-ups with your dentist and getting any treatment advised by your dentist.

What Are The Main Reasons To Get Clip On Veneers?

Clip on veneers are a fantastic way to improve your smile. If you have heard of clip on veneers but are unsure whether they are the best choice for you, check out our reasons why purchasing veneers might be the right thing for you.

  • Veneers are Suitable for Most People

Our veneers are a versatile choice and can be worn by pretty much the majority of people. If you have ever felt self-conscious about showing your teeth when you smile, we can help you by supplying veneers that will transform your worries and let you show off your biggest smile.

  • Veneers are Easy to Obtain

Our veneers are easy to purchase and easy to prepare. No visits to the dentist are necessary to create your veneers (although you should continue to get regular check-ups and dental treatment from your dentist as normal). We will provide you with a mould which you return to us with impressions of your teeth. Before long, you will receive your custom-made veneers designed and manufactured in accordance with your wishes and just for your mouth.

  • Veneers are Budget-Friendly

Getting professional cosmetic dental work for your teeth is a pricy procedure. Veneers offer a more budget-friendly alternative that grants you many of the aesthetic benefits but will not leave you strapped for cash.

  • Veneers are Comfortable

Our veneers are designed specifically for your mouth, so they are comfortable when worn. Eating and drinking might feel a little strange at first, but you will quickly get used to it. With a little practice, you will forget you are wearing veneers at all.

  • Veneers can be Removed at any Time

One of the best features of our veneers is that you can remove them whenever you wish. There is no need to worry about making a permanent change to your teeth that comes with unwanted side-effects. You get all the benefits of a beautiful smile without any permanent commitment.

If you have ever wondered what the best way of improving your smile is, clip on veneers are one of the best answers. You can transform the way you look without making a permanent physical commitment or spending a lot. Veneers have become increasingly popular for years and you can find out why today.

What Is The Cost of Clip On Veneers?

It’s fair to say that of all the different kinds of cosmetic procedures that are available throughout the country, the process of attaining clip on veneers is one of the easiest and one of the most common. If you are looking for a solution that is pain-free, dentist appointment free and most important of all, affordable, then clip on veneers UK is definitely something to consider.

veneers cost ukIf your teeth are discoloured, uneven, crooked, or perhaps even missing in crucial areas, then clip on veneers can be the answer to all of your problems. It’s a simple and effective way to restore a perfect smile for a fraction of the cost of dental surgery!

With all of that in mind here is some information about general clip-on veneers cost.

  • The most basic package (Ideal) you can purchase for clip-on veneers will cost in the region of £340 for an upper arch and a lower arch. This package offers three different shade choice options, with an extra £90 payable if you would like a spare set of upper or lower veneers.
  • The highest quality but more expansive package (Elite) raises to a cost £637.50. For this higher cost, you are able to pick from a range of five different shades to offer the most natural aesthetic match to your existing teeth.

Whilst both package options are of a great quality, there are a few slight differences that justify the cost difference. Ideal veneers are not recommended for every day/all-day wear, whereas Elite veneers can be worn during the day for as long as the wearer intends. There is a higher level of natural detailing in the Elite veneers, giving them a more ‘realistic’ finish in the mouth, especially when looking “close-up”. As you might expect, the Elite veneers also boast a higher grade material in their manufacturing, accounting for a significant portion of the raised cost.

Ultimately, your choice you make will likely come down to your budget for veneers and your specific needs. Whether you opt for the Ideal or Elite package is up to you, but regardless of choice, one thing that is guaranteed for either package is a high level of quality and expert help to assure you end up with the smile you deserve.

What Are The Things You Can Do With Clip On Veneers?

Everyone desires a beautiful smile, but invasive dental surgery to get permanent veneers can be a daunting process. Luckily, you can use clip-on veneers to hide blemishes on your teeth. Unlike permanent veneers, they are painless, affordable and give you a picture-perfect smile. If you have not tried temporary veneers, here are a few great things you should know before making a choice:

1. No Dietary Restrictions

clip on veneersDental cosmetic operations come with dietary restrictions to avoid undoing the procedure. Luckily, temporary veneers do not have any dietary restrictions. You can eat any food because unlike permaent veneers, they are removeable at any time. whilst wearing them, it is however best to go easy on extremely stickyfood that can wrench the clip on veneers possibly causing some movement, or hard foods that can cause damage to them.

2. Removable Anytime

With permanent veneers, there is no turning back after fitting the veneers. If you do not like the new look, you have to undergo another procedure for refitting. That can be costly and cause inconveniences. However, you can remove temporary veneers anytime without altering the clip-on.

Fab Smile Veneers can help you smile with confidence by hiding any imperfections on your teeth. Besides, the process is painless and does not require a dentist appointment. Once you take an impression and send a mould, the technicians will create your clip on veneers immediately.

3. No Surgical Procedure Required

When getting permanent veneers, you need multiple dental exams before the procedure. That means you need to take time off your regular schedule for the surgery. On the other hand, getting temporary veneers is a hassle-free process that takes a few minutes to create a mould. Once you receive your veneers, follow the instructions to wear the clip-on.

4. Improve Your Smile Instantly

Stains and other blemishes on your teeth can rob you of a perfect smile and confidence. You could consider clip on veneers to cover the blemishes. Temporary veneers provide quick results and an instant boost to your smile. Some dentist also recommend clip-in veneers as a temporary measure whilst undergoing permanent treatment- speak to your dentist if this could apply to you.

PLEASE NOTE: people using clip-in veneers must still get regular dental check-ups with a dentist, and keep to normal dental hygiene.

Can You Eat With Clip On Veneers?

Yes, you can eat and drink whilst wearing your snap on veneers but we recommend that you remove the veneers before eating foods which could get caught between them and scratch your teeth.

You may also want to take off your veneers before drinking hot beverages or sucking on a straw. Otherwise, there is nothing you cannot do when wearing clip-on veneers which you could not do if they were permanently glued to your teeth. Remember no matter how much care you take not to break or lose the veneers, it’s still possible for something bad to happen in terms of an unfortunate accident with a hard object at the back of the mouth.