Professionally made custom-fit veneers have only come onto the cosmetic / aesthetic beauty-products scene in the last few years, so naturally people want to learn more.

Cosmopolitan’s Feature Writer Jennifer Savin writes about Clip-in Veneers………

Cosmopolitan's take on Clip-On Veneers

Read what Cosmo has to say about clip-in veneers….

“All in all, I do think it’s pretty incredible that Clip On Veneers can instantly transform a crooked smile and even cover gaps where a missing tooth may have once lived..”

Jennifer explains how sporting her new teeth she was getting hit-on left, right and centre!

However do take some of Jennifer’s other comments with a pinch of salt. She was not reviewing Fab Smile’s Veneers and our technology is more advanced. Specifically our Elite Veneers feature natural detailing and incredible shade choice, and they are made from the latest super-thin high grade-dental materials, so boiling hot drinks are not an issue if you choose from our Elite Veneers range!

What ever look you want to achieve our designers can accommodate it, be it the brightest in-fashion Love Island Hollywood smile or a completely natural appearance that improves on your existing look.

Or find out what Natalie Keegan, respected Beauty Correspondent had to say in The Sun……….

Clip-in Veneers reviewed in The Sun by Natalie Keegan

Natalie Keegan writing in The Sun gives her verdict on Clip-in Veneers

Clip on veneers are an alternative to traditional, permanent veneers and they can be worn at the wearer’s leisure. They are far cheaper than regular veneers and don’t involve filing down the teeth to be attached

We would add that our Clip-On Veneers are also an alternative for those thinking about teeth whitening.

The downside of teeth whitening procedures is that for good results, the whitening chemical needs to contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, either of which may over time result in your gums becoming hyper-sensitive and may cause damage to the tooth enamel- this is why only dentists are legally allowed to use these chemicals for teeth whitening. Furthermore, the improvement you get after bleaching your teeth, tends to fade after a few months, requiring repeated treatments to maintain the whiteness. Also bleaching cannot alter the shade of existing crowns or bridges so patients undergoing bleaching may end up with different coloured teeth. Moreover whitening cannot guarantee the end-result in terms of exactly what shade you will achieve! Lastly bleaching cannot help rectify things like missing teeth, large gaps or uneven teeth which is where clip-on veneers come into their element.

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