This delighted customer asked us to supply clip in veneers to match as closely as possible, her existing permanent veneers.

The customer had permanent veneers already fixed on just one of her “arches” and whilst the customer was happy about how her permanent veneers looked, the customer was less happy about the appearance of her natural unveneered teeth in her other arch; however, the customer did not want to go through the hassle of the complicated dental treatment involved in getting her “opposing arch” permanently veneered.

Our technicians considered that our Elite BL4 would give the best result but with the proviso that our clip-in veneers might look more natural than the existing permanent veneers!


Can you tell which are the permanent and which are the clip-on veneers, upper or lower?

Important Notice

For dental advice or treatment make an appointment to see your Dentist. Clip-in veneers are a cosmetic-only product. Fab Smile does not provide dental advice or treatment. Clip-in veneers are not meant as an alternative to regular dental check-ups or good dental hygiene.