When it comes to veneers, customers do need to understand that there is no single shade that will work for every patient. A shade and shape of veneers that might look great on one patient, may not work for another patient.

So although you can get guidance on how to select the best veneers, the ultimate decision on how you want them to look will lie with you.

It is a decision that you should make before ordering your new teeth veneers. If not sure how to go about it, consider the following tips:

Choosing Your Preferred Shade of White

teeth veneers UKDid you know that there was more than one shade of white in existence? Probably not! But you ought to note that you will have an option to choose from several variations when selecting the colour you prefer for your teeth veneers.

Many of our customers are looking to choose a shade of white that looks bright and healthy, as a natural set of teeth would look like.

Pro Tip: If you choose a shade that is too bright, people will more easily notice that your smile is not natural which is fine if you are happy to draw attention to your smile! Thus some customers prefer to stick to a shade that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as natural looking.

Tips to remember when choosing a shade of white for the veneers include:

  • If you have a dark skin tone, you may wish to stay away from the whiter (BL) bleaching shades because the contrast between skin and teeth, the veneers may appear brighter anyhow.
  • The opposite applies to people with fairer skin tone, such people may wish to consider somewhat brighter shades if they are after achieving a bright smile. The reason for this is that their fair skin will not contrast as much with the veneers.
  • The whites in your eyes can also act as guide for this exercise. Some people suggest choosing a shade which is is not whiter or brighter than the whites of your eyes.

Why Choose Fab Smiles Veneer Services?

Fab Smile Veneers service is based in Manchester and was founded by a dental technician with more than thirty years’ experience in dental-related technology.

The company prides itself in being able to provide dentist-free, pain-free, and affordable dental veneers. The clip on veneers is used for missing, crooked, and discoloured teeth. They go a long way in helping to restore perfect smiles on an individuals’ face.