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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Just an Amazing Smile in 3 Weeks.
Shop Online - Prices from £249.
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The Perfect Smile Everytime
Dental Quality Clip On Veneers.
No Dentists. No Pain.
Get a Natural Or Celebrity Smile
Made in a Top Dental Lab
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Smile Issue – Getting a Celebrity Smile – Shae

Case Study – See how we helped our gorgeous customer Shae Carr get a Celebrity Smile

Our Clip On Veneers are perfect for Missing, Crooked, Broken, Discoloured Teeth

Shae Carr

Shae Carr

Shae Carr

Shae Carr

Shae Carr

Shae Carr


“I could not be happier with my Celebrity Smile!”

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Fab Smile Veneers Customer: Shae Carr

Smile Issue – Wanting a Celebrity Smile

Why did you decide to get a smile makeover with Fab Smile Veneers?

Shae: I never really had a big problem with my smile I just wanted a Celebrity Smile and a perfect white smile like all the celebrities and reality stars I see on TV and Instagram. My best friend had porcelain veneers done with her dentist and dont get me wrong they look brilliant but she said she had a lot of discomfort when they filed down her teeth and I really did not want to go through the hassle and pain of getting porcelain veneers done. She also paid about £4,500 which is a lot of money for me. So after some research I discovered Fab Smile Veneers and their Clip On Veneer products which I thought was brilliant because everything could be done in about three weeks and it was 100% painless and requires no visit to the dentist. Unlike a lot of the other companies Fab Smile Veneers also own their own dental lab Prem Plus Dental in Manchester so they are a proper dental company which for me was important. I wanted proper dental quality veneers. I paid about £637.50 for the Elite veneers which is really affordable compared to porcelain veneers which can start at £4,500.

So what is the process with Fab Smile Veneers?

Shae: It was quite simple really. I chose my Elite Clip On Veneers on the Fab Smile Veneers website. I decided to go for Upper and Lower teeth and the whitest Teeth Shade BL1 because I wanted a super white Celebrity Smile. I chose DivideBuy at the checkout so I could spread the cost of my order over a few months with 0% interest and in about 3 days I received my teeth impression kit with easy to follow instructions. Once I created my teeth impressions I sent a photo to Becky at Fab Smile Veneers to confirm that they had been done correctly and once she said that they had I then sent them back to Fab Smile with the pre-paid returns label.

What happens next?

Shae: Well in about 23 days I received my new smile and I could not believe how good they looked! They were very white just as I wanted and they gave me the super white Celebrity Smile I always wanted. They make me feel loads more confident and everyone compliments me on my smile now even when i am out with the girls. I could not be happier with my new Celebirty Smile and Fab Smile Veneers have been excellent too.

What would you say to anyone considering buying their Clip On Veneers with Fab Smile Veneers?

Shae: Go for it! I would 100% recommend this company. Not only are the Clip On Veneers superb quality but the service I received was brilliant throughout!

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