Have you ever felt the urge to hide your smile? Perhaps, you have stained teeth or disarranged teeth. Conventional cosmetic veneers are often an option for people who have stained, damaged or otherwise unsightly teeth. Having them installed isn’t cheap, though. Fitting veneers is also a long and complicated procedure, potentially involving surgery on your teeth and gums. If you need to brighten your smile for an upcoming event, you may not have time to wait for a specialist dental appointment or the recovery time involved.It may seem as though there is no solution to your problem. May be you even feel a little ashamed of your teeth? Consider getting yourself snap on veneers from Fab Smile Veneers. We have a team that works around the clock to create them bespoke to your existing teeth.

Snap-on veneers are temporary appliances used to change the look of your smile. They provide a comfortable and non-permanent solution as compared to the traditional veneers allowing you to take them off at any time without assistance from the dentist. They help resolve issues with cosmetic smile issues. Also known as temporary veneers or a snap-on smile, these are very thin veneers shaped to fit over your teeth.

Unlike conventional veneers, snap-on veneers do not need to be bonded to the teeth. Instead, these affordable veneers are all in a single piece that simply snaps firmly over your teeth. They cost a fraction of the price you’d pay for conventional veneers and give you a quick and easy solution to the problem of unsightly teeth. Quality Elite snap-on veneers are made out of durable, stain-resistant materials that can withstand the normal wear and tear of eating and drinking. With care, a well-made set of snap-on veneers can be the ideal, long-term solution.

snap on smileThe snap on veneers are a much more preferred option for most individuals who are not yet ready to commit to a permanent dentist applied solution. They allow the individuals to test the use of the veneers which act a bit like a mouth guards, changing the overall look of the smile.

Here are some benefits of using these snap on veneers:

  • Non-Invasive

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are keen to avoid any procedures that may be interactive or seen as involving an increased risk of coming into contact with the virus. Alternative methods involve invasive procedures that may sometimes compromise the health of the tooth structure. This veneer option does not need any alteration to the teeth and does not include any interference with the enamel.

  • They are light but strong

On average, they are 600 microns thick. What this means is that when you wear them, your mouth will feel heavy. Depending on design requirments that can vary from mouth to mouth and the material used, our veneers are generally manufactured in the region of 275 to 400 microns thick. They fit within your teeth correctly, and after a while you will likely forget you are even wearing them! Once worn, they will not easily fall off.

  • You can confidently smile once again

They can cover up any flaws your teeth may have, whether stained, broken, or missing, unevent etc. All these flaws could make you reluctant to take that group selfie. You might even be worried about being the only one in the photograph with stained teeth, for instance. You could even choose to hide them by never smiling again, concealing your perceived flaws.

  • Instant Results

These veneers provide an immediate solution to issues such as teeth that are imperfect, missing or not quiet straight. They allow you to have a complete transformation without having to undergo time-consuming procedures such as teeth whitening. The custom-made solution that we provide enables you to walk away with your perfect smile with immediate results while alternative methods may take multiple sessions.

  • They Are Comfortable

When purchasing a set of snap-on veneers, it’s important to know that the veneers are going to be the perfect fit for you. Some less scrupulous sellers offer sets of generic veneers that will supposedly fit anyone’s teeth. Of course, everyone’s teeth are different so these cheap veneers do not fit properly and look very artificial. The veneers offer a convenient and easy solution. The veneers are custom made to have the perfect size and fit. The process of obtaining them involves mould of your teeth being taken and then sent back to us for customised manufacture.

  • Eliminates The Need For Needles

Getting these veneers eliminates the need and use of needles and numbing procedures involving the use of anaesthesia. They eliminate the need for incisions and drilling, which necessitate the need for injections and needles.

  • They Are Easily Removable

Unlike the alternative options of resolving dental problems, the veneers allow for easy removal at any time. The advantage of these temporary veneers being removable is that you do not have to stick with or tolerate the additions to your mouth like the permanent option.

  • Affordable prices

Considering the financial challenges brought about by Covid-19, getting these snap on veneers is much more affordable as compared to alternative options. The purchase also excludes the costs involved with invasive procedures hence giving a much cheaper alternative. In most hospitals of the UK, the prices for permanent veneers can range between £500-1000 per tooth. Not all people can afford to part with that kind of money. What if you could have the whole fronts upper set costing say £199-£418?  Yes, you can purchase them here at Fab Smile Veneers within that price range.

  • Tailored according to someone’s dental arrangement

snap on veneersPlease beware some companies purposting to sell clip-in veneers sell inferior mass-produced veneers that are not designed and made by skilled technicians but instead supply heat moulable plastic veneers which the customer heat using hot water. This kind of product, which we NEVER sell ourselves,  is very unlikely to fit and will look awful in most cases. We will consider your teeth based on some impressions received before designing and manufacturing them specifically just for your teeth.

Consider getting snap on veneers for complete peace of mind from Fab Smile.

Please do note: clip on veneers are not an alternative to regular check-ups and treatment from your normal dentist, you should also continuie to follow normal dental hygiene.

Snap-on veneers are the ideal choice for those who need to improve the look of their teeth in a safe, inexpensive way. These affordable veneers are a great option if you’re saving up for permanent veneers or dental implants in the future or want to brighten your smile a little without using harsh tooth whiteners. They’re comfortable and easy to wear (you simply snap them into place when you need them). Although these veneers may look a little less natural than high-end porcelain veneers, many people are very happy with the effect. A set of snap-on veneers can be worn daily (Elite) or just on special occasions (Ideal). To find out more about Fab Smile Veneers, find further information throughout our website.