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Flashing Those Pearly Whites


We’ve all heard the common axiom that body language is 80% of communication while the spoken language makes up only the remaining 20%. If you are worried about the appearance of your teeth, snap on veneers may be worth some attention.

snap on smileSnap on vs. Standard Veneer

A standard veneer is a very thin porcelain wrap that is applied over-top of a tooth that enhances the size, shape or shade of a tooth to preferred specifications. Whereas having fixed veneers put in requires a trip to the dentist and is non-removable, snap on teeth veneers on the other hand, offer a very similar cosmetic benefits to what fixed veneers offer, without the permanence.

Why Choose Snap-on Veneers

There are some important advantages to be gained by using this solution. Firstly, snap on veneers are less costly, and will not set you back as much as the expense for permanent veneers would. Secondly no invasive dentistry is required to have your snap on teeth veneers installed. You are allowed a similar great look without causing further damage to the enamel during the installation process. With snap ons, you can use them, and remove them as you see fit with no hassle. And finally, something that we feel is quite important – using snap on veneers allows you to continue to care for your natural teeth when you are not using the veneers. With traditional fixed solutions, you need to know that in all liklihood the permanent veneers will need replacing maybe every 5 or 10 years- just leaving failed veneers is not really an option because surface enamel is removed- so you are really committing to repeated and possibly quite expensive treatment- a hidden cost which you need to factor in if you are thinking of getting permanent veneers. For this reason clip-on veneers are often popular with people who are interested in holistic well-being and detox techniques, and others who are naturally wary of some of the adverse effects of purely cosmetic surgical procedures.

A Great Solution for a Great Smile

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, snap on teeth veneers are something worth strongly considering. Not only will they offer you a solution that delivers fantastic results in next to no time at all, but they also provide you the flexibility to address cosmtic issues directly in conjuection with good health practices, nutrition, care, and of course regular trips to your dentist. In this way you can use your veneers whenever you want for enhanced appearance, simultaneously with no one being the wiser. With all that being said, fortunately there is now no need to be self conscious about your smile anymore with such a great and affordable solution available. Happy smiling!