Affordable Veneers

Achieving the perfect smile for a special occasion or even for everyday wear is quick and easy with our affordable veneers. Non-permanent, lightweight and comfortable, they are individually designed for a superb, customised fit. Our beautifully made veneers simply clip over your existing teeth avoiding the painful, destructive procedures associated with expensive cosmetic dentistry. They are the perfect solution for disguising crooked, chipped or yellowing teeth.

Versatile and Convenient

affordable veneersOur exciting range of bespoke veneers combine a realistic, natural appearance with practical convenience. Made from durable, non-toxic materials, you can eat and drink in complete safety. The colour-fast shading won’t deteriorate and is resistant to staining from coffee and tobacco. By following our easy cleaning routine your customised veneers will always be in excellent condition. Use our convenient online ordering service to receive a home impression kit then simply return your completed impression by post. You can opt for either an upper arch, lower arch or both.

A Stunning Selection

Our Ideal range is perfect for occasional use. Made of co-polyester, a traditional dental material, our veneers will transform your smile for an important event such as a family celebration or job interview. Simply clip them into place and they’ll give you the confidence to socialise and smile. Choose our Elite range if you want the benefit of a beautiful smile every day. We have developed the Elite using a high-performance acetyl resin achieving an unrivalled slimline construction of up to 400 microns. Our technicians use sophisticated, three-dimensional Cad Cam computerised technology to ensure your Elite veneers have an unbeatable fit. And with additional hand-finishing they’ll be incredibly realistic.

Beautiful Tones

Our veneers are available in naturalistic ivory shades to suit all complexions ranging from the bright, clean smile of A1 to A3.5 which has a much deeper tone. Our most popular shade is A2 which has a gentle, natural appearance. The BL range such as BL4 produces veneers with a vivid bleached hue culminating in the dazzling brilliance of BL1 which captures the glamour epitomised by Hollywood celebrities.

A Team You can Trust

We have a talented team of dental technicians who are all fully-qualified and have many years of experience in using complex technical procedures. Our beautiful, affordable veneers are exclusively produced at our Fab Smile Veneers laboratory in Atherton, Greater Manchester.