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The whole process from start to finish is completely pain-free


No need to sit in the dentist’s and not a dentist in sight


Snap on your clip on veneers over your teeth & enjoy your new look

Clip on Veneers

What Are Fab Smile Veneers?

Fab Smile Veneers are the latest in removable ‘Clip-On’ Veneers giving you the Smile that you deserve and always wanted.

They are the new solution for a perfect smile which is Pain-Free, Dentist Free and Affordable.

If you have discoloured, missing, chipped or crooked teeth, we can help bring back your smile and confidence.

Super-Thin, Best-in-Class Technology. Depending on the exact state of your existing teeth, we typically manufacture our Elite+ veneers to a thickness of between 250 to 400 microns – compare that to most of our competitors whose veneers are usually around 600 microns thick.

See for yourself what we can offer by taking a few minutes to view our Smile Gallery?

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Clip on Veneers
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Perfect Fit Clip on Veneers

Beautiful Product. Perfect Fit.

Your new veneers from Fab Smiles will be custom-made to your personal specification. An “impression” of your existing teeth is taken, and we then carefully manufacture your veneers for a comfortable fit.

Our clip on veneers are made from the latest high grade dental materials to give you a natural look. Our veneers are lightweight; they have a slim-profile, so they fit easily and securely on to your existing teeth. They are also stain-resistant and easy to clean.

We have two different models types to choose from – Ideal and Elite+ – and a choice of shades, so whether you want a dazzling whiter-than-white smile or something a little more subtle and natural looking, we can supply it!

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The Perfect Smile At The Perfect Price

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Why Choose Us for Your New Clip On Veneers?

• We are a name you can trust!
• We are a Dental Technology company based in Manchester.
• The Company was set up by a Dental Technician who has over 30 years’ experience in dental technology.

We have a team of experienced dental technicians and we use the latest design and production technology to bring you what we think are the best clip-on veneers on the market today. Importantly all our veneers are manufactured on-site at our production facility in Atherton – we do not import or outsource any of our work. We do this so that you can be assured of a quick and reliable service.

To read more, just click here. is a trading name of OralTec Ltd registered in England, company number 11313164. Registered office address: 32-36 Chorley New Rd, Bolton, BL1 4AP. VAT registration number GB299559619.